Izmir's tram projects have been made against transportation planning techniques

Izmir's tram projects have been made against transportation planning techniques: Dr. According to Oral's report, tram projects were ına contrary to the general principles and principles of urbanism and transportation planning techniques Oral.
The city planner, transportation and traffic planning specialist Dr. who contributed to the Izmir Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2030 in order to shape the urban transportation until 2009. The report prepared by Yıldırım Oral, Konak and Karşıyaka Reveals the wrongs in tram projects. 335 citizen, Konak and the ongoing construction of Karşıyaka In the lawsuit filed with the request for cancellation of tram projects, Oral pointed out that the technical design and traffic engineering studies and projects that provide vehicle and pedestrian safety on both tram routes are compulsory in the report prepared at the request of Gülşen Çamurcu, one of the plaintiffs. The oral report stated that “after the manufacturing of the routes mentioned, the changes that cannot be said to be 'details' are constantly being made and other uncertainties in the manufacturing, the disruptions in public information appear as the impression that a definitive project has not been made”. Oral pointed out that the Izmir Transportation Master Plan, which came into force in 2009, has become outdated. In other words, it can be said that the mer'i (already valid) plan, which can be taken as a basis for large investments, does not exist in İzmir. It should be known that this situation will also affect the development plans of 5 thousand and 1000 scales and will require revision of the development plan. Host and Karşıyaka It is also observed that inquiries and revision attempts have not been made before the applications for tram routes. ”
Recommended local tram corridors are Konak and Karşıyaka Pointing out that the applications of trams started together, Oral said, “However, there is the impression that these two tram routes, which cannot be determined according to the exact application projects, have been implemented without the necessary, finalized application project tests. It is understood that the uncertainties in the project of Konak Tramway have not been eliminated through public participation efforts. The same situation is observed that the route is changing frequently Karşıyaka It is also valid for the tram. It should be accepted that all these issues are against the general principles and principles of planning and urbanism, as well as transportation planning techniques. Besides, it should be known that it will create contradictions in terms of the relevant legislation in force ”. Pointing out the importance of the transportation master plans in his report, Oral stated that the demand for such investments to be implemented without repeatedly testing the feasibility control within the transportation system will lead to a technical result that is diametrically opposite to the main transportation plan approaches.
Mustafa Kemal Turan, who undertook the lawyer of the lawsuit filed by 335 citizens with the request for the cancellation of the tram projects, said that İzmir does not have a transportation master plan that has been in force for about 3 years. Konak, which was built with illegal construction system today with the situation envisaged in the old transportation master plan, Karşıyaka Stating that tram productions are not related, Turan continued his words as follows: “Today's tram productions, which are made in the logic of illegal slums, have no place in the pending zoning plans. In other words, there is an unplanned illegal construction. Yıldırım Oral, who is in the delegation that prepared the old transportation master plan, declared that he did not have a valid transportation master plan as well as the revision of the zoning plans within the tram areas, ”he said.

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