Sewer Water Pressed İZBAN Running Stop

Sewage Water Pressed İZBAN Running Station: At İZBAN Running Station, the sewage water leaking from the exploded sewer pipe causes disturbance to the environment with its bad smell, and it also causes the passengers to fall due to slippery ground. As the sewage water leaking through the stairs flowed down to the lower floors, citizens called on the officials to the task.
IZBAN line of the sewage pipe leaking sewage water in the running station caused the reaction of citizens.
Sewer waters around the yellow relief for the visually impaired reveal the extent of the danger.
Odor irritating
Citizens who want İZSU to intervene in the sewage waters, which pose a danger of falling to citizens on slippery ground as well as bad smell, said, “We want this fault to be remedied as soon as possible. As we are disturbed by the smell it emits to the environment, we are afraid that our feet will fall lost.
Sewage water leaking from the stairs flows down. We want measures to be taken, "he said.

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