IMM traffic live application is available

The IMM traffic live application was launched: the applications that show the IMM traffic status live are available. Thanks to the IMM traffic situation applications, it is possible to get rid of some traffic. You can watch the IMM traffic situation live on the internet.
Istanbul traffic has become a well-known problem even for those who do not live in Istanbul. Turkey, which has the highest population and the most developed city, a metropolis of heading Istanbul, both the resident population and live in insurmountable problems in traffic with tourists millions entertained anywhere in the world. For this problem, while innovative and modern transition systems are developed by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications such as the Fast Transition System, various applications are carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in regional scope. Within the scope of these applications carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IMM traffic digital application is also available. Istanbul traffic is one of the busiest traffic in the big cities of the modern century. In the real-time map of the IMM traffic situation in which the points that are congested in the traffic in Istanbul are shown as red, it is possible to see the points where there is no traffic congestion in the green, ie the most ideal alternative routes can be created accordingly.
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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which provides the opportunity to easily monitor the instant traffic of Istanbul traffic, is being used by the citizens in a very intensive and frequent manner. Especially with the modern technology, people can access the internet from every point where they have access to the internet much more easily. It is possible to get information about the current and current traffic situation in Istanbul even when it is in the traffic of İstanbul. is happening. Thanks to its mobile-assisted digital service, vehicle drivers can have the opportunity to learn the current information of the traffic situation in all routes of Istanbul and to follow them instantly.
One of the most important services that a metropolitan city like Istanbul can offer to its citizens is the fact that the current traffic situation in all the roads of Istanbul can be learned in detail in the IMM traffic situation service screen presented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Currently, it is possible to get information about the traffic of Istanbul both in traffic and to create different and appropriate routes, and also allows traffic planning to be made before the traffic situation.
With the smart technologies that are developing day by day, the advantage of being able to carry the internet to every place where people are located is enabling citizens to access the internet in minutes by using the IMM traffic situation application offered by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and to be able to view the status of the instant Istanbul traffic on real-time map. . Citizen can access the internet in this way from anywhere in the instant IMM traffic situation through the application of current Istanbul traffic to follow the alternative routes allows him to create.

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