Haydarpaşa- Adapazarı Commuter Expeditions On Parliament Agenda

Haydarpaşa- Adapazarı Commuter Expeditions Parliamentary Agenda: High-speed train work closed due to the opening of the suburban lines, which can not provide the desired service after opening, came to the agenda of the parliament. CHP Kocaeli deputy who asked the citizens of the great victim of the hatred of the lines of Haydar Akar wanted to redress the victimization.
CHP Kocaeli MP and PM member Haydar Akar previously on-site investigations of the suburban line to the agenda of the Parliament, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan asked to answer the question asked.
In the case of the Akar motion, 2012 pointed out the current situation of the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı flights, which were closed due to the YHT activities, and said that this line should serve as before. 2012 36 month closing line in the 22 stall and 24 voyage to serve the citizens as previously indicating that the Akar, the number of stops on the 4 even the number of stops a year ago, and the number of flights to 8 to reduce the number of passengers also said that the number of passengers. Underlining the fact that more students, workers and officials use this line, 30 thousand passengers benefit from this service and 19 thousand passengers are using this line a month and unfortunately, our citizens are the victims.
Adapazarı Haydarpasa expedition returns to the torture Akar Akar, 'former citizens of Adapazari could go directly to Haydarpaşa, but now Adapazarinden Arifiye'ya transfer from there to Pendik and then dolmuşla Haydarpaşa,' he said. Akar, who stated that the line should be taken into operation as before, questions are as follows;
Why is the number of flights and stops in the Adapazarı Haydarpaşa line, which is a great convenience especially for our students, officers and workers, and why have our citizens been victimized?
Is there an increase in the number of stops and voyages as before the 2012 of the line? When will the necessary steps be taken to change the number of stops and voyages?

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