e-RAIL project meeting and workshop was held in Erzincan

The e-RAIL project meeting and workshop were held in Erzincan: The fourth meeting of the yapıl e-RAIL dı vocational training project adopted by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) was held in Erzincan. 01 - 03 The project meeting and Program Evaluation Workshop held between 2016 and XNUMX was hosted by Refahiye Vocational High School of Erzincan University.
Project Meeting, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat, TCDD experts Mehmet Soner Baş and İbrahim Saldır, Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational High School Director Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Orhan Taşkesen and the instructors Mehmet Dalgakıran, Çiğdem Albayrak, Harun Akoğuz, Sedat Turan, accounting manager Barış Abak, Vossloh Fastening Systems participation Vossloh Rail Technologies Ltd. Sti. Ray Building Components Factory General Manager Ozgur Ozdemir, a spa GCF GCF Branch Manager Serdar Erdem and Turkey Selin brought together the Age.
4 at the Art Gallery of Erzincan University Rectorate. YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat, who took the floor in the Project Meeting, evaluated the point reached in the European Union project 2014-1-TR01-KA202-011946 (E-Learning Platform / e-RAIL). Polat provided information about the administrative and financial management of the project, the overall project budget, the activities carried out within the scope of the project, the final version of the curriculum, the program approval process.
e-RAIL program evaluation workshop
The Program Evaluation Workshop of the Program e-RAIL) vocational training project adopted by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program of the Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Erzincan. Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational High School was hosted by the Vice Rector of Erzincan University. Dr. Adem Başıbüyük, TCDD Erzincan Garage Manager Yusuf Kenan Aydın, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat and lecturers Mehmet Dalgakıran, Çiğdem Albayrak, Harun Akoğuz, Sedat Turan, accountant Barış Abak, Vossloh Fastening Systems participation Vossloh Rail Technologies Ltd. Sti. General Manager of Ray Yapi Yunmanlar Fabrikasi Ozgur Ozdemir, GCF S. p. A. Gebze - Köseköy Office Technical Office Specialist Roberto Stella, GCF Turkey Branch Manager Serdar Erdem and Selin Cagin and Administrative Office Assistant Serhat trigger, TCDD expert Mehmet Soner head and Ibrahim attacked, on the road representatives Senyurt Cengizoğlu Halim Nightingale, Adnan Gülmez and Ayhan Blips , Refahiye Vocational High School and Erzincan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Rail System Department managers, teachers and students attended.
Investment in rail systems
Refahiye Vocational High School Director Assoc. Prof.Dr. Dr. Orhan Taşkesen said that he was very happy to have such a workshop held in Erzincan and its schools.
In his speech, Assoc. Dr. Taşkesen explained that in the first years of the Republic, 42 and the 68 share in the passenger were 2 and 5 dropped to 15 and XNUMX. Doç When we look at the last XNUMX year, big projects were realized in Railways and high-speed train planning was made for the next ten years, “said Assoc. Dr. Taşkesen added, ın In addition to the high-speed train investments, the existing conventional lines are being renewed. In addition to these developments in the railways, the metropolitan municipalities have moved towards urban rail system transportation, and in the public and private sector, a major investment move has been made in the railway sector of the country. Demir
Asserting that the importance given to railways is increasing gradually. Dr. Orhan Taşkesen said that the private sector, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions should be part of the restructuring. Refahiye Vocational High School Director Taşkesen said, de The entrepreneurship of the civil society organization YOLDER, the knowledge and experience of GCF and Vossloh from the private sector, the accumulation of TCDD in education and training, the projects of our schools that provide vocational education in rail systems. the enthusiasm and energy to transform knowledge and experience into work is the power that enables us to draw together in this hall. bil
Polat: The young people here are the future
The e-Rail Vocational Education Project is an important project for young people who want to be a railroad. YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat greeted the young people in the hall by saying, OLD We want to see you in the future and you are the future railroads e. In his speech, Polat began by introducing YOLDER. He told that the association, which is based in Izmir, has a strong non-governmental organization with railroad members working in road service. Polat, "Our association with the power of members, extremely important in the field with the world's leading companies and Refahiye Vocational High School in partnership with such a European Union Project has been signed", he said.
YOLDER President Özden Polat, in his presentation about the e-Rail Project, talked about the aims of the project and introduced its partners. Polat also provided information on the basis of Vocational Qualification, National Occupational Standard, National Competence, Workforce Documentation System. Özden Polat stated that the project was in its final stage and said that the students can do internship within the scope of the pilot courses in the month of July.
Özden Polat also mentioned the importance of the subject of the certificate and emphasized that the diploma they receive when they graduate is not enough anymore. Polat said, unuz When you graduate in the scope of vocational qualification, the diploma and education you receive from your school will not lie to you. In addition to your diploma, you will need to obtain new certificates and professional qualification. It is imperative that you develop yourself and receive these documents that will be of an international nature. Kend
Since the GCF 2011 in Turkey
Italian gcf'n of the project partners Gebze Köseköy Technical Office Specialist Robert Stelle also gave information about the company's work in the world and in Turkey. In his speech to Stella, Administrative Office Officer Serhat Tetik worked as an interpreter. In the 1950 gcf'n is describing a family of companies providing services in the railway superstructure Stella, the company said that since 2011 years working in Turkey. GCF maintenance of railway officials said the first project in Turkey, then they work in accordance with developments in the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project in Gebze Köseköy renewal of cutting projects, he said.
Stella said that the company has branches in nine different countries with a turnover of 270 million Euros. Bulundu We have 700 active machine in our house. Apart from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Morocco, Denmark, France and Switzerland are examples. Renovation of high-speed trains and railways. This is what makes us different when it comes to high-tech machines and professionalism, Bu he said. The company in Turkey Ankara Sincan after 600 kilometer road work on the line in Gebze-Köseköy line within the scope of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT project about doing road approximately 24 kilometers Stella, this is the work of reference points noted both here that both international security and work standards in Europe.
. All of the machines we use in our work have high-tech equipment. The machines can adapt to the working conditions at the maximum level, uyum said Roberta Stella.
Indan In terms of working conditions, this technology is more important in working hours when time is limited. For example, in Italy we are able to work between 3-5 hours and we have to use these equipped machines to ensure maximum efficiency during these hours. With the technology we have and the modern vehicles, the elimination of a one-kilometer line can be made within four hours, including the ballast and traversing change, making the line reprocessable. We have created a pilot site in 2010 for these works and we have reached a standard production on a standard basis. M
Stating that GCF has benefited from local labor force in the construction sites it opened abroad, Roberta Stella said that even those working with the subcontractor were preferred firstly. Stella stated that the railway training in Ülek is only in university and that the companies are doing orientation in their own trainings. GCF authorized Robert Stelle is made of such high investment to stay in Turkey and expressed that they want to do new work.
Vossloh Erzincan produces tension clamp
Özgür Özdemir, the General Manager of Vossloh Rail Building Elements Factory, which produces fasteners in Erzincan of German Vossloh Fastening Systems, started his speech with a brief description of the history of the organization. Özdemir said that Vossloh was founded in 1882 for more than a hundred years and shared the following information:
Or Our company starts at 1882 with an order from the King of Prussia to Eduard Vossloh. At that time there was no spring clamp developed as a connecting element, there is a spring. It's his order. Five years later when a big order is made, the company is established as fasteners. Carl Vossloh, who came up with more scientific studies and named after a lot of patents, joined the company in 1902 and invented springs that can work under high voltage in 1924. At the end of his studies and patents at the Munich Technical University, German railways are using many of these works as a guide to his system. In 1953, the German railways, with the support of Carl Wossloh, set up a research institute and since then, German Railways is a temple in the railroads of the world. Their truths are accepted by the whole world. "
Voslohh'ın not only the infrastructure of the upper structure and complete turn-key systems that explain the establishment of Özdemir, starting with the tension clamp production of other railways, said that the system. After Germany's Vossloh tension clamps explaining that the earth produced Erzincan in Turkey Ozgur Ozdemir, he said the factory started production in the year 2009. Stating that Turkey's annual needs of about 2 million sleepers Ozdemir, "a part of a renovation of the new road. When you think of a crossmember, there are two rails and two 4 tensile clamps with two left and right crosses. This means a total of 8 million units. If given to us in our factory in Turkey Our whole pie it enough, "he said.
Ozdemir said that they export to neighboring countries except Turkey, Ethiopia, and say they exports to Kazakhstan, "Our Turkey by Turkish engineers of the tension clamps are produced using the European steel are in Kazakhstan and Ethiopia," he said. Ozgur Ozdemir, rail systems while addressing the education institutions, "the world's and Turkey's most important company in Erzincan 45 minutes away. We have always opened our doors to the trainers, and it is still open. We expect to be informed about the internship. S Özdemir said that the students who attended the meeting said that they love you as much as you like. Özdemir, an Make sure you get your certificate. This gives you an edge. The certificate is not a written condition in recruitment but is always extra. Each certificate you collect is your ammunition. As the company, we have provided 90 from Erzincan. Dık
Historical development of railways
TCDD Erzincan Station Manager Yusuf Kenan Aydin also gave a presentation on the historical development of railways in Turkey at the meeting. Railways describing the development in the period up to the year 1856 from 2015 year, the total railway network Aydin, indicating that 12 thousand 532 kilometers to arrive in Turkey, "high-speed line length thousand 213 kilometers, the conventional line length 11 thousand 319 kilometers, signal line length 4 thousand 822 kilometers, electric line length 3 bin 938 km N shared their knowledge. Aydın said that Erzincan railway station has been in service since 1938 and that 171 thousand passengers have traveled by rail in Erzincan every year.
Certificates issued
At the end of the meeting where the trainers of the railway trainers were interested, Refahiye Vocational High School Director Assoc. Dr. Orhan Taşkesen gave the certificate to the participants. Assoc. Dr. Taşkesen said, çok The meeting was a very positive meeting in all aspects. Thanks to YOLDER, which has an important function in our sector at this meeting, we have been able to see what the university, non-governmental organizations and the private sector can accomplish in a closer relationship. We also saw our shortcomings in the meeting. After that, we believe that we will be in closer contact and communication with the private sector serving the sector with our university. We will also encourage our students Öğ.


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