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Izbanda Flights Expedition: Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN), Karşıyaka tunnel section of the freight train on the failure of the morning hours, intermittent interruptions for a while.
In the Karşıyaka tunnel section of the Aliağa-Torbalı railway line, where the İZBAN flights were made, the freight train belonging to TCDD failed in the morning. Due to the failure, delays occurred due to the fact that the flights between Şemikler and Turan stations had to be carried out on a single line.
With the withdrawal of the freight train that failed as a result of the works, the half-hour of shortage was eliminated and the voyages returned to normal. Passenger density was experienced at the stations due to the disruption in the flights.
Regarding the subject from the social media account of İZBAN, mel We are doing a single line operation between Şemikler and Turan because the TCDD freight train fails in Karşıyaka Station and delays will be experienced D.


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