İlyas Şeker, deputy of parliament, examined tramway work

Deputy İlyas Şeker, tramway studies examined: AK Party Kocaeli deputy İlyas Şeker, examined the work of the tram works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.
Having received information from the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç and the Department of Transportation Rail Systems Branch Manager Ahmet Çelebi about the works carried out and planned to be carried out, Şeker examined the works carried out in the field.
Member of Parliament İlyas Şeker, who examined the tram studies, received information from Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç about the work carried out on the field. Having received information about the stage of the studies, Şeker also visited the Kocaeli Information Point named K @ bin in Sekapark. Following the presentation about Tramway works in K @ thousand, Şeker examined the stops and tram model to be used.
Tramway study on the construction site and field information stating that the AK Party Deputy İlyas Şeker, stating that such studies in the city to be done in this type of work, in the past planned infrastructure work is done in places where the tram pass through the lines were completely renewed said.
Deputy İlyas Şeker, who said that they paid attention to keeping the problems that citizens may experience to a minimum during the tram studies, stated that such things are inevitable. "I congratulate our Mayor and all our friends who brought this project to the city," said Şeker.



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