Cost of industrialists will decrease by rail

The cost of industrialists will be reduced by rail: The length of door-to-door railway lines increased to 433 after a period of work to reduce the transportation costs of firms.
ANKARA Great steps are being taken in the transportation of door-to-door cargo by means of iron, which relieves the hand of the industrialists. After a period of work to reduce the transportation costs of firms, the number of contingent lines increased. The number of contour lines, also known as the 'door-to-door railway line', reached 280 and the line length reached 433. As a result of the work done last year, the construction of the 3 iltisak line was completed. It is stated that this 3 line has started to be used by companies such as ABS Gypsum and Block Industry, VA-KO and Günaydın Logistics.
With the 12 OSB, which is determined as a priority in the coming period, the 22 plant is planned to be connected to the factory. It was learned that the studies on the preparation of the application projects of these lines started. By connecting the production centers with these lines to the railway network, both TCDD's share of the carriage will increase and the transportation costs of the companies carrying the burden will decrease. In order to positively reflect the said studies on the economy of the country, efforts are being made to make new lines to places with high transport potential. The OIZs, railways and ports of the 30 kilometers of the railway lines can be connected with TCDD and private sector cooperation lines. 55 of TCDD's transportation is carried out by the contour lines.
First of all, those concerned (such as entrepreneurs, firms) are making proposals to TCDD for the construction of this railway line. The relevant unit of the TCDD is requesting a report from the tenderers for compliance with these requests. The demand is analyzed and evaluated by TCDD. If the analysis is appropriate, the study of the land is done. In line with the work in this direction, the line is completed and a contract is signed with the requesting firm and the conduit line is put into use.
It is known as the line between the main railway line and the centers which have high volume load carrying potential such as conduit line, warehouse, factory, OIZ, industrial enterprises, port and pier. The expression line can also be used as a connection line.
Bid to industrialists: Instead of external borrowing, refer to internal sources
Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Chairman Erdal gardener "of the financial system in Turkey is impossible to walk in this way," came the explanation in the form of support from the experts. Turkey Macro View (TMV) Consulting Executive Director İnanç Sözer stated that he joined in the criticism of the ISO President and said, ine Our industrialists need to turn to internal resources rather than borrowing from outside. Turkey Saying that the decline in interest rates will be limited without any fall in deposit rates, Sözer pointed out that bir bosses prefer to share their companies Mev. Sözer, da There are also a few ways. The first one is that they can find a partner without registering on the stock exchange and sell blocks. The second one can offer their companies to the public İkin.
What did he say?
ICI Chairman Erdal gardener, Turkey's 500 Industrial Organizations working in the meeting explained, xnumx't funding attention to the abnormal rise of pulling their charges, three of ride a crawl create the operating profits of the industrialists had announced we were going to both financing costs. Gardener, "the financial system in Turkey is now impossible to walk in this way," he said.
Capital needs to be increased
Gedik Investment Research Manager Üzeyir Doğan emphasized the need for capital increase for improvement in financial expenses. Doğan said, lazım So we need to find an investor and increase the capital for this and put this capital into the company. For this reason, companies need to find partners and increase their capital by giving them Onun. Pointing out that it is possible for large firms to improve their financing costs through syndicated loans, Doğan said, firm Other companies need to act in accordance with the proverb iyileşt Extend their feet by quilt inin.
Equity model should be encouraged
Capital Market Investors Association (SPYDER) President Arif Unver is a debtor-creditor relationship, instead stating that equity-financing model for the need to work with full power of Turkey, "equity-financing model should be developed are encouraged in Turkey," he said. Arguing that the current funding model is sustainable in Turkey Unver, she said: "However, the market will be rosy, profit margins will be higher at that time whether the current funding model is sustainable in Turkey."

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