Canikli Chairman Samsun-Iraq railway proposal

Samsun-Iraq railway proposal from the Canikli Mayor: Canik Mayor of Samsun Osman Genç said, "The Samsun-Iraq railway must be completed".
Meeting with the driver tradesmen of the Derebehçe Minibus Line, Canik Mayor Osman Genç made transportation suggestions to make Samsun a trade center. Young said, “The basis of development is transportation, and the one that will develop cities is local governments. Samsun must be a fast, easy and cheap accessible city by using its 4 transportation network efficiently.
Canik Mayor Osman Genç attended the breakfast given at the association building as the guest of the Derebahçe Minibus Line Association. Association President Mustafa Tercanlı and driver tradesmen sohbet “As Samsun, which was a trade city in the past and the gateway of Anatolia to the world, we must bring the products produced in our city, the surrounding provinces and Anatolia together with sea, rail and airways in a fast, easy and economical way. We need to establish relations between production and consumption centers, namely the port and the hinterland, ”he said.
To enter the first 5 ..
The world of the new millennium and the beginning of a dizzying change that quickly offer new opportunities to Samsun Young emphasis on economic development in the world and Turkey, "Today, cities in the race. Samsun, Turkey will make a strategic base and is one of the important factors that will put the first 5 transportation between provinces. Because the foundation of development is transportation. Samsun should use its 4 transportation network efficiently. We shouldn't think of transportation in a narrow frame like getting on a minibus or minibus and going home. In the global age, it now takes only a few seconds for a single message to travel around the world. Therefore, we must perceive the developments in our country and in the world correctly ”.
Stating that it is the local administrations that will develop cities, Genç said, “Mayors and council members are the doctors of the cities. As a city, we must develop strategies that will transform our people, institutions, cities and state. I believe that if we solve the problems of our common means of transportation in the city of Samsun mind trying to process the next 100 years will be one of Turkey's most strategic epicenter of the city. Based on this, we organized a Transportation Workshop at the point of identifying and solving the transportation problems of this city. Because transportation and transportation are the basis of development, ”he said.
Listing the things to be done in terms of transportation for the economic development of Samsun, Mayor Genç said, “Our government is constructing the High Speed ​​Train Line between Samsun and Ankara. We thank our government for this. However, we must also implement the Samsun-Batumi railway. Again, Samsun-Iraq railway should be completed. When the 100-kilometer stretch from Batman's Kurtalan district to the Iraqi city of Zaho is completed, Samsun will be connected to the Middle East. Samsun airport passenger and cargo sections should be developed and the region should be an airport. In addition, a Free Trade Zone, a Large Organized Industrial Zone of at least 20 million square meters and a Regional Transfer Port should be established in Tekkeköy. Logistics Village should be built in a way that covers all areas of logistics in this region ”. After breakfast, Derebahçe Minibus Line Association President Mustafa Tercanlı gave a plaque to President Osman Genç, who thanked him for his contributions to the association.



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