Batman can not even use the tram

Batman can not even use the tram: Batman, who has no zoning plan, claims to have a high accident risk. 355 Izmir has filed a suit against the Administrative Court. Turan, who applied to the court to cancel the construction of the Tramway underpass with the manufacture of tramway, said,, Not Vatman, even Batman and Superman cannot use this tram. Tram
355 people Konak-Karşıyaka He filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court through his lawyers Mustafa Kemal Turan for the cancellation of the tram productions and the Göztepe underpass construction. Stating that the trams that do not comply with the city plan contain a high risk of accident, lawyer Turan said, “It is impossible to use this tram with the skills of a normal person. Our claim is not vatman, even 'Batman' and 'Superman' make this tram difficult to move. The project is wrong in every respect, but the most wrong part is that the accident risk rate is very high. It will be like a highly sought after movie set to shoot horror and thriller movies on the tram. "Before this illegal construction becomes a big trouble, it must pass through the filter of science and law immediately." Lawyer Turan made a press statement in front of the Güzelyalı Göztepe Sea Horse Statue, where the construction of the tram continues with her clients regarding the lawsuits filed. This time, posters of cartoon heroes Batman and Superman left their mark on the press statement of Turan, who previously created the agenda with Santa Claus, counterfeit money and acts with shrouds for Balçova Land Victims in front of the Metropolitan Municipality.
'Reason for resignation in Europe'
Turan said, “In order to avoid a setback, we both Karşıyaka We filed a lawsuit against the party and at the illegal underpass in Göztepe, demanding the suspension of the execution separately. We say to the court that unplanned zoning stop illegal buildings. They do not make a zoning plan, because if it is done, mistakes will occur. We followed like a detective, found the documents, opened the case. "This is the reason for his resignation in France, England," he said. Mansion and Karşıyaka Stating that trams are not the main transportation master plan, Turan said, “These are illegal squatter trams with no zoning plans. They deceive people in the images. They put a tram, showing the Şair Eşref Boulevard empty. The stopping distance of the trams is 7 meters. This means a great danger in the city. Our claim is not vatman, even Batman and Superman can hardly lift these trams. We are not just saying this. The Chamber of Architects, the Chamber of Urban Planners, and the Chamber of Civil Engineers make the same criticism. But nobody is listening, ”he said.
'Is it for shopping malls?'
Stating that there was an unlawfulness even in the tender of the unplanned tram without a project, Turan said, “Companies offering low prices were rejected without justification. Here, the passenger coming from the subway will go to the shopping center that a company will build. Is this done to send the passengers on the beach to the same shopping center? Tram, KarşıyakaWill it take you to another shopping center? Except for these two shopping malls, everyone will pull a wick from this tram. We applied to the court as 335 people. They had just made a new arrangement to the shore. Now they are dismantling what they designed. It means that 6 months ago there was no such thing as a tram in their head. Is it such a disgrace? " he reacted.

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