The reason for the train crash in Belgium may be the lightning strike (Video)

The train crash in Belgium may be the cause of the lightning strike: the 3, including the passenger train's mechanic, died as a result of the collision of a passenger train on the Liege-Namur expedition in the east of Belgium.
Among the wounded are those who maintain their health status.
The 40 wagon was overturned at the time of the collision of the 2 passenger during the accident.
Francis Dejon, mayor of St Georges-sur-Meuse, quoted the details of the accident as follows:
E 3 and 3 are five passes per morning. A very violent collision. The passenger train hits the stop load. The speed of the passenger train is 90 per hour. I mean, it's a terrible accident. 2, the first car of the multiplier train, is divided into separate parts. Çarp
The Belgian prime minister and king of Belgium came to the scene after the accident.
Authorities suspect that the lightning strike of the railway line may have damaged the signaling system before 90 minutes before the accident.



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