Basketball ball defense in the subway bomb joke case

Basket ball defense in bomb joke case in subway:Kadıköy- 3 high school students who allegedly threw bags into the wagon by saying 'There is a bomb Allahu Akbar' in the Kartal metro appeared before the judge for the first time. The students suggested that they were playing with the bag with a basketball ball inside and shouting someone else saying 'there is a bomb'.
Kadıköy-Kartal metro line At the Ünalan stop, 3 young people, who allegedly shouted 'Bomb there is Allahu Akbar' by throwing bags inside the carriage, appeared for the first time today. At the first hearing of the case before the Istanbul 5 th Children's Court, the client was appointed to the Istanbul Transportation Industry Trade. Inc. On behalf of lawyer Hasan Emre Okumuş, the complainant Hasan Gündoğdu, and his defendants under the age of 18, Muhammed Ö. (17), Yağız K. (17) and Atakan Y. (16) and their lawyers were present. After the indictment was read, the identities of the defendants, who were under the age of 18 as children who were dragged into crime in the law, were passed. At the hearing, the statement of Muhammed Ö was taken first.
Istanbul with other defendants Kadıköy Explaining that they studied at high school and left the school on the day of the incident, Muhammed Ö said in his statement: “We had a basketball game that day. We were going to take the metro to go home. The bag was mine, we went down to the subway. We took the subway going towards Kartal. We sat opposite each other. We were rolling the bag towards each other. We opened the bag too, and the passengers in the platform saw that there was a ball. There was no tension in the platform we were in. When we got to the Ünalan stop, I would get off because I had a workout. My hoodie was closed because I was sweaty. The doors opened when Metro stopped in Ünalan. I'm out. My friends were in the car. The guns were embezzled by Atakan. He had to take it home. I left the bag called 'buy ball' to Atakan through the door. There was no panic at this time. Atakan took the bag from the floor. A passenger riding towards the end of the wagon shouted as a bomb. I got out of there. ”
Defendant Yağız K. repeated the testimony of Muhammed Ö. “We were joking between us and the bag we had. Also, people around had seen it. Some of them even laughed at our joke. This bag was embezzled by Atakan by our coach. But he stayed in Oğulcan. He got off at the Ünalan stop and when he realized that the bag was in his hands, he said 'Take the bag' and threw it towards us. At that time, the lady whose name later learned as Büşra shouted as a bomb. ” Other defendant Atakan Y. also denied the accusations by repeating the testimony of his friends.
Rejecting the allegations that his clients shouted as a bomb, lawyer Ali Say said, “Büşra Y. is the person who shouted the bomb and put the incident in this form. After leaving the Göztepe station on the day of the incident, he expressed his views to the press members. If this video is brought, it will be understood how accurately the clients are saying ”.
Later, the Istanbul Transportation Lawyer Hasan Emre Okumuş took the floor. Lawyer Okumuş stated that 51 minutes of flight could not be made due to the incident and said, “A vehicle was also removed from the expedition, therefore financial damage occurred. We will report the amount of damage later. We have a request to join. ”
The lawyer of the accused then claimed that the damage caused was not caused by his clients, and that the security guard who had been there automatically stopped the system. The court, which announced its interim decision, accepted Metro Istanbul Sanayi's request to join. He decided to get the defendants to meet with the psychologist to prepare social examination reports, and postponed the hearing.
In the indictment prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, it was stated that on March 4, 2016, there were 3 basketball balls belonging to the school in the bag carried by 3 students, Muhammed. In the indictment, it was stated that the children had plans between them before the metro arrived at the Ünalan station. According to the plan, it was told that Muhammed Ö, who got off at the Ünalan stop, threw the bag in his hand by saying “Allahu Akbar” before the door of the subway was closed and continued on his way without getting on the metro.
The defendants are asked for 2 years, 4 years and 8 months' imprisonment for “threats to create fear and panic among the public” and “Abduction or detention of transportation vehicles”.

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