Metro Company of Bangkok Bozankaya will produce

Metro Company of Bangkok Bozankaya Produce: 22 4 subway cars to be purchased in Bangkok as part of the fourth largest fast transport project Bozankaya will be produced by the company in Ankara.
Bangkok will receive 22 subway with 4 wagons as part of its fourth largest rapid transportation project Bozankaya will be produced by the company in Ankara. Siemens, manufacturer of transport vehicles for the purchase of 22 subway vehicles in Bangkok Bozankaya companies have passed the order. 16 Siemens will also undertake the service and maintenance of the vehicles to be supplied throughout the year. Trains, Bozankayato be produced in Ankara. In addition, the presence of this production in Ankara will announce the name of the country in a positive way.
Siemens will carry out project management, construction and commissioning as well as drive and braking systems in the project. The first subway trains are scheduled to be delivered in 2018 and the project is expected to be completed in the next year.
Reduced Automobile Use
The 1999, which was commissioned by Siemens in 23, brought the car to a minimum with the Skytrain, the Bangkok Public Transport System, as the first rapid transportation system of the Thai metropolis. Nowadays, with this new project, automobile usage rate is decreasing.
Project to be completed in 2028
With the additions to the rail system, the rail system will increase the line to 68 km in total. The extension of the southern line between Bearing and Samut Prakan is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. It is stated that the northern plug-in between Mo Chit and Khu Khot will be opened in early 2020.

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