Minister Aslan will finish BTK railway project at the end of this year

Minister Aslan, We will End the BTK Railway Project by the End of This Year: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan met with the party members in his hometown Kars. Stating that work is continuing for the Kanal Istanbul Project, Aslan also made investigations at the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line construction site.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Marmaray said that they will also implement the Canal Istanbul Project after the Eurasia tunnel, the third bridge and the gulf bridge. Aslan, who also examined the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line construction site, said that President Erdogan and Prime Minister Yildirim also closely followed the project.
Arslan, in the scope of the visit to Kars, the AK Party in front of the Presidency addressed to citizens.
65. The Government of Turkey Arslan indicating the performer and the bar higher up would be issuing a government, Kars from Turkey, the thousand years of unity, solidarity and fraternity said they would give the message more powerful. Arslan continued as follows:
“My Lord should not give opportunity to external powers, those who want our country to be involved, those who do not want the success of our country. I hope that they will not give their tongues, the peace of this country, those who cannot attract the success of this country. We are martyred every day. May Allah be pleased with them. They say that our police forces, soldiers and village guards are fighting cansiparane to leave the legacy from their ancestors to their grandchildren. They say, 'We will not give it forever,' as they have not given this land to anyone for a thousand years, and there are those who drink martyrdom on this road. ”
Wishing mercy from Allah to the martyrs and condolences to their families, Arslan also wished urgent healing to the veterans and wounded soldiers. Arslan said, “We are grateful to them for protecting this country. We are grateful to you for protecting and protecting this country and for not letting Recep Tayip Erdoğan and his team bend their heads for 14 years. ” said.
Later, Arslan visited the town of Arpaçay and greeted the citizens and ate dinner with the workers on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway (BTK) line construction site.
Arslan examined the bridge works in the railway line, received information from the contractor company officials.
In a statement he made to journalists after the investigations, Arslan said that the President of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, which is of great importance for the region and the country, is closely followed by President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yıldırım.
Arslan, who said the project is aimed to be completed by the end of the year, said:
“This project, which our country and city is looking forward to, is very important for us. Our goal is to be finished by the end of this year. We were here to intervene in a defect, if any, and take measures for a solution so that it could be opened to train management. This project is indispensable for the region and is very important for our country. A project that will revive İpekyolu, connect Central Asia to Europe and attract trade to our region. Hopefully, these projects will transform Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır from the provinces waiting for the border in the Caucasus and become the capital cities of the border trade. ”
Minister Arslan later moved to Kağızman district, where he was born and grew up. “Thanksgiving victim” was cut for Arslan, who was welcomed with Turkish flags accompanied by drums and flutes at the entrance of the district.
Arslan appealed to the citizens of the platform established in the district square, said that his country and served a new task to serve the country.
Arslan expressed the prayer of his fellow countrymen and the great support of him when he was brought to the ministry.
“We will raise the bar we have raised so far. No doubt that our services will not be left with Marmaray, Eurasia tunnel, third bridge, gulf bridge. We will also present the Kanal Istanbul Project, which the world looks at with envy, and that your brother takes part in, at the service of our people. You will proudly say, 'Yes, in Marmaray, as well as in the Eurasian tunnel, our child has a lot of effort in Kanal Istanbul.' ”
After visiting Kağızman District Governorate and Municipality, Arslan went to his father's stove and was longing by kissing the hand of his father Süleyman Arslan.
The father Arslan, who was touched during the visit, kissed his son Ahmet Arslan in tears and said, "Happy, you are serving your state and nation."
Minister Arslan then went to Kağızman Cemetery and prayed at the grave of his late mother, Lalizar Arslan.

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