60 Kilometer Rail System in Antalya

60 Kilometer Rail System to Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel to Antalya to the members of the Tuesday Group kazanHe talked about the investments and projects that they will consider.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel attended the iftar dinner of Tuesday Group and explained Antalya's vision projects. President Türel, Boğaçayı, Cruise Port, Konyaaltı Beach, Kepez Santral Urban Transformation and Tünektepe Projects are very important. Türel said that Antalya is a brand city, but underlined that it is a city that has become a branded city with its sea, sand, sunshine and history.
Sea, sand, sun with the average 600-700 spending a tourist profile with the highest apartment sales 2 thousand pounds in a city that no longer be satisfied with a city President Türel said, UM We can not see it. Of course I don't find the right word for cheap tourists. But to say that we'll bring more quality tourists, it's the right approach. When we see the quality at Côte d'Azur in Cannes, Monaco, we admire it. We have many more of them. But the sale prices of apartments in Monaco have found one thousand dollars in square meters. 65 thousand dollars again in Paris, 50 thousand dollars in New York a thousand dollars in Antalya, not more than a thousand 90 dollars. What more do these cities have than us? No. There is no surplus. We need these projects to help us achieve this quality. Of course, these projects are difficult projects that aren't really easy to do. If the truth was easy, it would be done by now, bugün he said.
Stating that Antalya had a very important chance during this period, Mayor Türel said, “This chance is the chance for all of us. Let's evaluate this very well. KazanThe moment will be Antalya. We have a very good fit with the senior bureaucracy. The political authority, from our Prime Minister to our Ministers, has a bath built in the place we really call an inn. Our biggest chance is our esteemed Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. Everyone knows the sensitivity of our President regarding Antalya. In this period, I see that we also benefit from non-governmental organizations seriously. That 'we don't want' mentality is less common in this period. In an environment, we can find an atmosphere of courtesy and discussion that can at least seek reasonableness. Our governor, the bureaucracy of Antalya, they are all mobilized, the people of Antalya are now very well aware of everything, they show an approach to the point of profit as much as we can do these services in this period. Obviously, we also have to work," he said.
Providing information about the vision projects, President Türel said, 'Ne Büyükşehir and Menderes Türel cannot afford these projects. We can't do anything if the people of Antalya don't. Despite the public, we can't do anything. If the people's support, we'll get over it. Kepezaltı Power Plant Project is Turkey's largest regeneration projects. We're talking about a construction of 2 million square meters. There 3 bin 200 have received the title deed allocation certificate. In fact, the only deed belongs to the Metropolitan Municipality. And the right of the citizen to transfer to the Metropolitan Municipality for urban transformation. Friends also think of various alternatives to those protocols. I said that the hardest of the right of the citizen, almost all kinds of rights to the municipality to prepare a hard preliminary protocol. Friends objected to write a little elasticy let's write a little diplomatic. I said, "No, I believe this citizen will sign him." If this citizen doesn't sign this, let's not deal with it. And this harsh protocol 15 signed the 3 right of the 200 entitlement of the 3 bin 200 per day. XNUMX was also unable to sign its successors due to a lack of signature, such as abroad. But they will. The confidence of the citizen against us is remarkably high. Vat
Türel, Boğaçayı according to the polls reported that they received 98-99 public support.
Vision projects are not finished when Turkey's Antalya added value they add value representing President Turel, "They will provide significant added value to the national economy is needed, there will be a series of projects. As I said then I hope this ends in Antalya, how in Istanbul today 15 thousand liras, maybe the price of square meters in the real estate as the price can be pronounced in Antalya 10-15 thousand dollars, I hope the tourists who spend a thousand thousand dollars 500-2 thousand dollars we can see when the projects are finished proj.
Mayor Menderes Türel stated that this was the accumulation of accumulation from the first period of the Boğaçayı Project and said, inden We have now come to the swim. I hope I see a very different profile of Antalya on the horizon. I hope we all live together. We also see a participatory approach from our civil society organizations. Our Chamber of Civil Engineers bring criticism from time to time about the project. Like I said, a great project. Of course there are many components. Most importantly, flood protection studies. Let me give you an example. There was a flood disaster before, the bridge on the beach had gone to the sea. The flow of water in the flood disaster is 2 thousand 600 cubic meters. The project for the flood prevention project that we are conducting together with our DSI is based on the 500 annual average and is based on the 4 thousand 600 cubic meters. So even if you do nothing to Boğaçayı Project, if we do not do this flood prevention project today, in a flood disaster of 2 bin 600, they showed us not only Boğaçayı but their simulations, almost all of the area from the Great Port to the east of Boğaçayı will remain. kal
A basin plan in total, Boğaçayı plan, within a square kilometer of 927 stating that Boğaçayı to be made at the stage of stage President Türel, said that the 1'nci stage would like to finish in this period. President Türel said, plat This stage includes the marinas on the beach and the cinema plateau. As I said, the 6 stage will immediately be done in an agricultural town above the canal-edge project, the stream scenery project, above. Again, we will complete the Boğaçayı Project with a view of the creek and the movie plateaus. Again in the stream project, we plan a trip and a walking path on the fork. We have project on the creek edge. D President Türel, Boğaçayı Project for the end of the year end of the tender, they have completed the allocation, the first stage of the Boğaçayı Project will do the tender at the end of this year, he said. President Türel announced that the tender will be completed this year.
The President of Konyaalti Urban Landscaping Project was completed and the tender will be held in July. Içinde We have included the area related to Minicity in this project area. There will be something really worthy of Konyaalti. If we can make the tender in July, we will start the construction by making the delivery of the place in August at the latest in August and at least make the seaside part available in the coming summer season.
In the meantime, we are opening the way for the Variant. The front of the variant was blind, clogged. The variant was a nostalgic way of Antalya. We will preserve this nostalgia within the scope of this project by opening it to vehicle traffic but also providing a single way of life traffic that we call controlled traffic. Bu
President Türel said that the Tünektepe Project will be the new symbol and symbol of Antalya. Olac Mediterranean monk seals are the round sphere in the project. Orange sphere in the middle of 3 grain Mediterranean monk seal. The hotel in Tünektepe is also protected as a hotel with 80 rooms. The orange cocoon will be located immediately above the lobby. On the upper side of the unity people's cruise terrace and sightseeing areas. This project was drawn by an architect from Antalya. In the upper part of the ropeway ends a few months. His wires are no longer stretched. Iz We will be able to offer the service in the cable car by rehabilitating the existing structure in a way that we can offer tea and coffee. T
Public transportation with 3. Chairman Türel said that the Phase Rail System project will be completed and the feasibility will be submitted to the Ministry. Ergah The route will go down to Sakarya Boulevard, in front of Kepez Municipality, in front of Varsak Old Municipality. From Otogar to the university direction will be completed at the Application Hospital. In our nostalgia tram, we connect this application to the application hospital from Işıklar today. Therefore, a full ring is formed in our Antalya. The 3 stage will be the 23 mileage. Our 18 mileage, 11 mileage, 5 kilometer nostalgia tram, will be our 60 rail line, in total XNUMX mileage. UM
Kepez Turkey's Central Urban Regeneration Project is the largest urban renewal project smoothly, the President stating that the land problem Turel, "99 percent of Rights has handed over all rights to the Metropolitan Municipality. After the holiday, we sign the contracts and start renting and evacuating the area. Lease aid I guess 36 months can be made by the law in the 36 months already completed the project and will return to the former citizens. 1 million 200 is an urban regeneration project with a thousand square meters housing, about 500 thousand square meters of commercial area. There is no legal problem. H President Türel gave the following information about the project: bil We will make a commercial street. We put a rail system line inside this place. This rail system line will not be pole so that it does not create a visual pollution. Kepezaltı Power Plant will be the most decent neighborhood in Antalya. There is a hospital area where another project is also trying to make the center of the elderly life. Because the European insurance companies are said to have a very serious market potential for seniors, Çünkü he said.

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