Traffic regulation for the construction of Ankara YHT Station underpass

The traffic regulation for the construction of the Ankara YHT Station underpass was reeling: The 'new traffic regulation', which began to be implemented before the construction of the underpass for TCDD's High-Speed ​​Train Station to Celal Bayar Boulevard, was ordeal. There are not enough pavements in the temporary routes determined temporarily.
The new traffic arrangement, which was started before the underpass operation by TCDD in order to provide entry-exit to the High-Speed ​​Train Station under construction at Celal Bayar Boulevard, caused the regional traffic to fail. An alternative route for boulevard traffic was determined within the scope of the new traffic arrangement implemented before the underpass construction. Within this scope, the traffic in the region is about 2 for the week. Drivers in the central direction are connected to Celal Bayar Boulevard by using the Parmak Sokak-Ali Suavi Street-Tok Street route. The drivers who drive in the direction of Ankara Bulvarı use the parallel way from Gazi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.
However, the new traffic arrangement gives both drivers and pedestrians a hard time. Traffic is jammed in the region as the vehicle crossing is provided on 2 lanes in the provisionally determined alternative routes. In the direction of Ankara Bulvarı, the density of the 3 lane boulevard and the parallel road link with 2 lanes leads to vehicle queues extending up to Sıhhiye Bridge. In the opposite direction, there is a traffic jam because of the vehicles parked on the streets where the signs are 'parked'.
Pedestrians as well as drivers are the victims of the university, business center, shopping center and restaurants. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the road, as the new asphalted finger, Ali Suavi and Tok are not pavements in some parts of the streets. Citizens who are unable to use the car parked on the sidewalks, can cause accidents.

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