Ankara Railway Station and all TCDD structures are under threat

Ankara Railway Station and all TCDD structures are under threat: With the change of TCDD main status, all TCDD structures including Ankara Station and their land are under threat.
Weekly press conference 4 June, officially the Republic of Turkey State Railways published in the newspaper (TCDD) evaluating the replacement of the main status of the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, along with the amendment of the statute Ankara Station, especially Haydarpaşa and TCDD buildings in all provinces, stations are under threat. TCDD is privatized and all the lands and stations are taken to the capital. Ankara Railway Station behind the high-speed railway station witnessed the biggest massacre of the Republic and we think that this structure is under threat. Yüksek
you indispensable
President of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects Tezcan Karakuş Candan said: Başkan With the change of the main status, the management structure is changing. The assets of TCDD are faced with the processes such as renting and leasing. The state has taken control of all these processes and takes control. TCDD is fully incorporated. The general structure of the government to manage the country as a state company. The last hole of the zurna is TCDD. There were in the 64 government program. 65. As soon as the government came, TCDD changed its main status. Today, the Ankara Station, mainly in Haydarpaşa, and TCDD buildings and stations in all provinces are under threat. If you do not react to it, the community does not react to the blood vessel of a country's blood to the heart of the aorta, '' he said.
Objective item shows the future of TCDD
Candan gave the following information about changing the main status:
Gel On Friday, June 4 announced the main status of the Turkish State Railways in the Official Gazette on the amendment of the TCDD's main status. The main status includes the regulation of the structure, which is established under the name of the General Directorate of TCDD, the organization of the organizational structure of the subsidiary, the subsidiaries and affiliates, and the related provisions of the liquidation audit financial and personnel related matters. Only by reading the object of Article going to happen to TCDD, yht'n the presence of the Celal Bayar Boulevard we live in trees after massacre in Ankara Station's threatening something the railways had spread all across Turkey, land, how to plunder the building, transportation How Privatizing corporatized will and would be liquidated is showing.
You're giving up our independence
Calling on the government to abandon this practice, Candan said:
Var TCDD has a very incredible land presence and assets. Each station where both station buildings and railways pass, is an important asset of TCDD and the guarantor of national independence. TCDD is the most important transportation network during the war. If you give up on this, you're giving up your independence. If you corporatize and privatize it, companies with money start to become railroads, which will go badly in the processes of independence and independence of our future. What do you mean to liquidate. No matter which understanding the TCDD has liquidated, it will be liquidated. Because railway transportation is one of the main canals of this country. Railways are the most important national values ​​in all countries. Demir
We filed a criminal complaint for the massacred trees on Celal Bayar Boulevard
Referring to the massacre of trees in Celal Bayar Boulevard for YHT, Candan continued his words as follows:
Aki TCDD technology is developing just behind the station building, and for the convenience of transportation, High Speed ​​Train Station has been constructed. In this process, Ankara Chamber of Chamber of Architects and Chamber of Industry resulted against the lawsuits filed by the Chamber of Commerce. Record up to points. While the YHT station was on the agenda, the trees in Celal Bayar Boulevard in front of the YHT station were cut one by one. Near 150 the tree was slaughtered. Each of these was larger than the age of 60, and YHT was interrupted on the eve of Gezi, with the neo-technological approach of neoliberalism to better urbanization and spatial processes. As the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects, we filed a criminal complaint.
Integrative struggle to be executed
Candan, Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch in the public service in 2003 in a project to witness the beginning of the architecture reminded. The first was the process of liquidation of the provinces bank discussed in those times. Turkey was not the only example in the world. Our first work was the provincial bank under threat and then the village services were the only archive that we could access to the village services, because we sent a large part of the archives of village services to SEKA and they were so unqualified. Room went. Our third study was TCDD. We have a lot of archives from the work we did at that time. All of this needs to be covered in wholesale protection. TCDD to convert to a holistic policy on combating and eliminating the surplus land across Turkey must carry out joint studies, subjects had to be one of the main agenda of the Chamber of Architects, "he said.
TCDD lands are taken to capital
Gökhan Yıldırım, the Ankara Branch Secretary of the Chamber of Architects, expressed his reaction as follows:
In A service that the state needs to offer to its people in addition to health and housing. The privatization of this service means that the country is going to another dimension. We could have felt the TCDD customization process from the beginning. Failed plans were made by the state in terms of transportation such as metro. On the other hand, transportation vehicles such as YHT, which also served with ranta, were also on the agenda. There are YHT maintenance and repair facilities in the continuation of the Sugar Factory land in Etimesgut and a large station building with a mixed function. With them, we have seen how this will serve over time. YHT was an unplanned project from the beginning. It was a project on the bird migration routes, which led to the slaughter of thousands of birds with the passage of each train. We see that all the lands of TCDD are tried to be taken to the capital by privatizing in a way that this rent is not sufficient. This is terrible. We will continue to say that transportation is a fundamental right and should be tried to be provided by the state. Ulaşım

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