Akçaray Tram Project is on the way

Akçaray Tramway Project is Progressing Rapidly: The laying of the rails in the Akçaray Tramway Project, which will introduce the city of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to rail transportation, continues at full speed.
The work on the laying of the rails that continue over İzmit Şehit Rafet Karacan Boulevard continues on Köse Street next to the Doğu Kışla Park.
The laying of the rails in the tram project, which will operate mutually on the 7,2-kilometer line between Yahya Kaptan and Sekapark, had recently started. The rail laying works, continuing at 5 different points with Şehit Rafet Karacan Boulevard, progressed to Köse Street. While the laying of the rails continues with a big girl, the production of 2,65 tram vehicles with a width of 32 and a length of 12 meters continues in the factory in Bursa. Along with the tramway works, the ongoing infrastructure works have almost come to an end.

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