Airport and metro projects increase housing prices

Airport and metro projects are increasing housing prices: housing prices are increasing in areas close to airport and metro projects, metrobus stops
Hakan Erilkun, General Manager of Altın Emlak, points out that İncirli and Topkapı are at the top of these regions. It attributes the cost of the houses located here to the airport, metro and metrobus lines.
Contact with the increase in the density of real estate in Kayaşehir, Erilkun states that branded projects in the region attract attention. Then he makes the following statements:
“Commercial areas of Kayaşehir are much more valuable than housing. Because the number of commercial areas is far behind. So much so that the construction of a commercial area has not started at the Arnavutköy junction road intersection in the 17th Region. The number of shops in the commercial area to be built is also very limited. For this reason, Kayaşehir entrance shops and commercial areas of the projects are of great interest. ”
Hakan Erilkun stated that Zekeriyaköy was close to Maslak and Sarıyer; he said that this situation increased the land prices.
Altın Emlak General Manager lists the new shooting areas on the Anatolian Side as follows:
“The production of land that can be made in Çekmeköy is almost impossible. Second-hand housing prices in the Madenler region, which is on the main line where the metro station is located and is spacious, also increase. For example, in Madenler, a 6 square meter house sold for 230 thousand liras 100 months ago, now finds buyers from 290 thousand liras. The most important problem of the region is the lack of land suitable for construction. Samandıra is the attraction area of ​​new projects in terms of commercial and residential. Samandıra, which is valued for its connection to Kartal in one direction, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Yakacık, and Sancaktepe to Şile Road and Çekmeköy, contains untouched zoning points. So much so that the prices of the apartments, which reach 1 thousand lira in 1 + 350s, are running to the record in terms of sales. ”
Göztepe, Ünalan Mahallesi will increase in importance as it is on the crossing line of the Greater Istanbul Tunnel. Also Göztepe, Üsküdar and KadıköyIn the region, which is the middle point of Istanbul, unit prices in square meters increased by 28 percent in a year and it was based on 3 thousand 778 liras. Küçüksu, one of the important areas of Ümraniye, will be one of the main points of the Great Istanbul Tunnel. The housing prices in this region are 5 thousand 500 liras. 6-month increase rate 7 percent. The region has areas suitable for construction. It is clear that the prices will be valued at a minimum 25 percent after the tunnel in this region. ”

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