Where does President Gökçek's love for the Women's Wagon come from?

Where does Mayor Gökçek's love for the Women's Wagon come from? Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek announced the results of the “Should we try to apply a separate wagon for women in the Ankara subway, as in Japan,” he initiated from his Twitter account. What do you think lies behind this idea?
I. Melih Gökçek reported that from 631 thousand 567 users interested in the survey on the twitter social networking page, 79 thousand 574 people voted, 52 percent of the voters said "yes" to the application proposal, and 48 percent voted "no". Gökçek stated that Twitter users are mostly leftists and that the people of Ankara actually say yes, as if leftists are not part of this society.
It is also worth remembering that the chairman of Ankara BB will also be involved in social media hit and followers selling on Twitter and the reliability of this survey is also discussed. Not only that, but the percentage of those who vote in Ankara?
I. According to the result announced by Melih Gökçek, "We can try the wagon application for women in the subways. Let's think a little more ... If we implement the Assembly Decision is necessary.
Well İ. Where does Melih Gökçek's love for wagons come from? Is the aim really to protect the woman, or is it to place the haremlik-selamlik application on the transportation lines?
“What do you think?” Started by Gökçek on Twitter yesterday. As in Japan, the idea of ​​“Should we try to apply separate wagons for women in Ankara subway to prevent harassment of women?” If there is data about this, it should be explained.
It is also possible for women to be uncomfortable due to the congestion in transportation, but is the solution to this separate women's wagon, or do they increase the number of flights? Do you duplicate transport lines? It should not be forgotten that in every election period, Ankara is using the metropolitan area as a promise. Melih Gökçek has never fulfilled this promise, and the Ministry of Transport has finally undertaken this task.
It is he who made Ankara inaccessible after 23:00 at night. When there was a reaction to this, he made a practice like "Let's try it until 0:00 a week" and explained that this did not work. However, this practice would have to take at least 3 months for the society to get used to it. But it was a verbal experiment.

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  1. Sn is unreasonably opposed to the president, who is the service to those who are opposed to the ruling. the president of the President also chose the people who appealed.