Cost of Başkentray Project 600 Million Lira

Cost of Baskentray Project 600 Million Pounds: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Ankara's railway commuter lines will provide the comfort of the metro to the work of the Baskentray Project 11 will be launched in July, 600 million pounds will be made at a price close to the high-speed train (YHT) projects will be provided in the city of Ankara integration, he said.
The capital will be integrated with the existing metro systems in the city of Ankara indicating that the capital, Arslan, “18 month after the Ankara citizens will be able to reach the four sides of Ankara by rail system. Suburban flights will be continued as 3 in the morning in order to prevent the distress of the residents of Ankara during the construction period. İnşaat
Arslan, said in a statement, Ankara to renew the transportation of the existing railway line in order to relieve urban transportation and upgrading the standard of the work of the Baskentray Project will be launched in July 11 by entering the subway standard with the capital city's suburban railroad, as well as bridges, as well as railways he emphasized that all level crossings would be removed.
Arslan said that they are expecting the schools to be closed in order to be affected in order to minimize the effects of the people of Ankara. Çalış In addition, suburban transport should be interrupted in the Kayaş-Sincan line in order to carry out the studies in this direction in a healthy and fast manner. However, in order to prevent the distress of our citizens in Ankara, our commuter trains will continue to operate in the morning and evening as an 3. Of course, our passengers who use commuter trains will have a short time. However, they will see that it is worth the effort when they are opened to operation. Ancak
- cak Passenger and freight traffic will be separated -
Minister Arslan noted that the existing railway lines will be completely renewed within the scope of Başkentray Project and the line will be constructed in accordance with high speed train, suburban and conventional train operations.
Underlining the fact that the suburban line and other passenger and freight traffic will be separated, Arslan said, birbir Within the scope of these works to be carried out with the price of 187 million Euros, 13 highway and lower crossing will be constructed in Kayaş direction. The sub-superstructure and electromechanical systems of all existing lines will be renewed and all stations in the suburban line will be renewed in accordance with the use of disabled citizens in the subway standard and modern architecture. In addition, the existing corridor of the high-speed train, conventional and suburban train operation to be made with the standard of all stations and platforms will be upgraded. "He said.
- ecek 1 hours between Ankara and Eskişehir will fall to 5 minutes -
Arslan pointed out that Başkentray will make a great contribution to Ankara's urban passenger transportation and that it has many innovations, and that the 36-kilometer will be carrying an average of 200 thousand passengers per day when the Baskentray Project is completed. Moreover, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train projects will also provide the integration of the city of Ankara, Arslan, Ankara-Sincan between 19 minutes in the current corridor of high-speed train travel time will be reduced to almost half to 10 minutes, will be reduced to this time He said that the travel time between Ankara and Eskişehir would be reduced to 1 hours by 5.
The existing 4 road between Ankara and Behiçbey will be extended to 2 for 2 pieces, 2 suburban and 6 conventional trains. Arslan and Behçbey-Sincan 2 trains, 2 units and 1 units. for the total 5 road will be built, he said. Ankara-Kayas between 2 units of suburban, 1 units and 1 xNUMX line for the number of conventional trains to be reported that the 4 line will be built, so the 36 mile route to the total 180 mileage will be laid.
- iyor Traffic troubles are over -
Minister Arslan stated that the capital city will be integrated with the existing rail system within the city and added that a connection will be made with Keçiören Metro Station in Ankara Gar, Batikent Metro Station, Yenisehir Station and Ankaray with Kurtulus and Maltepe stations.
Arslan, who has been growing and developing in terms of population with the help of the construction of the suburban suburban trainings between Kayaş and Sincan, told that the passengers will be built a modern garage in the Emirler so that they can land at YHT before arriving at Ankara Gar:
Cak In short, our citizens in Ankara will be able to reach to the four sides of Ankara by rail system and they will get rid of traffic. Shortly after, Ankara, Turkey will have one of the most original rail system. Trainings to be operated on the Ankara-Kayaş-Sincan Railway Line were also reorganized within the scope of the studies to be completed in the 18 month. YHT flights will be operated according to the old tariff. Eastern Express, Van Lake Express, South Kurtalan Express trains Irmak (Kırıkkale) -Ankara between the flights were canceled. Train passengers on these lines will be transported between Irmak and Ankara. Cukurova Express between Adana and Ankara will be operated between Adana and Kayseri. 4 September Blue Train and Kırıkkale Regional Train were canceled. Izmir Blue Trains have been canceled between Eskişehir (Hasanbey) andAnkara and the train travels between Ankara and Eskişehir will be provided by YHT. İzmir

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