4 Thousand Passengers Used İZBAN in Torbalı in 500 Months

izban as
izban as

İZBAN used 4 thousand passengers in 500 months in Torbalı: İZBAN's 6 stations, which were opened on February 6, used 4 thousand passengers in a 500-month period.

IZBAN, 4 month ago started to operate the Torbalı line carried a total of 500 thousand passengers. 6 February 2016 Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı and Tepeköy stations to serve the service of İZBAN, the line has been opened since February, 6 4 thousand passengers in the month reached a total of.

In the morning and evening hours, İZBAN organized direct flights from Menemen to Tepeköy, and from Cumaovası to Aliağa and caught the weekly 35 thousand passengers in Torbalı. Torbalı, Tepeköy and Pancar were the three busiest stations on the line, and the number of passengers in the other three stations began to increase rapidly.

IZBAN, which has previously taken the böl 30 in 1 per minute böl to sürekli 20 per minute asyon, following the passenger movements in place, and constantly in contact with ESHOT for bus integration, Izmir Chamber of Commerce Organized Industrial Zone (ITOB), as well as in the region By contacting many factories, 1 is doing operations that will increase the number of passengers per week from 35 to thousand.

Finally, IZBAN organized a survey in the stations, all these studies initially 30 thousands of passengers per week began to raise the number of thousand 40 thousand.

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