Kadir Topbaş introduced the 3rd Bridge to diplomats

Kadir Topbaş introduced the 3rd Bridge to diplomats: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş examined the works on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge together with the ambassadors and consuls of 65 countries.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş examined the ongoing works on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge together with the ambassadors and consuls of 65 countries. At the '0' point of the bridge, the transition of diplomats between the European and Asian sides of the bridge witnessed colorful images.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş came together with the ambassadors and consuls of 26 countries at the meeting of Sarıyer Garipçe Village, at the foot of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared to open on August 65. Foreign representatives who had breakfast on the platform, which was established at the construction site of the bridge, which will be named Yavuz Sultan Selim, first examined the works on the 3rd Bridge.
With the opening of the 3rd bridge, the 2nd bridge will be the inner city bridge.
Giving information to the ambassadors about the mega projects concerning the future of Istanbul such as the 3rd bridge and Kanal Istanbul, İBB President Kadir Topbaş said, “3. The bridge is a monument building. He will make a very important contribution to Istanbul, "he said. Stating that with the completion of the 3rd bridge, Istanbul traffic will be relieved, Topbaş said, “40 thousand trucks and trucks pass through the bridge daily and affect the traffic very seriously. When Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge comes into play, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will serve Istanbul as an inner city bridge. We will see normal vehicle traffic, heavy vehicles will shift north. He will relieve the city. ” Emphasizing that the environmental assessment of the 3rd bridge was made, Topbaş said, “At some points, trees were cut down here, but maybe ten times more trees were planted. Her surroundings have become more orderly. ”
Stating that his scientific studies on Kanal Istanbul are still continuing, Topbaş said, “Work started for Kanal Istanbul about 2 years ago. The reason for the still not being tendered is research on the routes. Environmental effects are taken into account. The effects of the Black Sea on Marmara and the Aegean on the Black Sea are being reviewed. There is an intensive study. This year may enter a tender process. But there are some issues that are not clear, ”he said. Referring to the new buildings to be built around Kanal Istanbul, Topbaş said, “Architecture will be unearthed with environmentalist buildings, which we call environmentally friendly and smart buildings, without much more intensity in the new buildings around Kanal Istanbul. The areas that will be used in the city will be uncovered by partially evacuating the city density. ”
After breakfast, ambassadors and consulates of 65 countries including USA, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, China, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Lebanon examined the ongoing works on the 3rd bridge by wearing hard hats and construction vests. During the trip, which was provided by the President of IMM Topbaş, diplomats took lots of souvenir photos and selfies on the bridge. IMM President Topbaş took photos together with the diplomats on the bridge. Stating that the representatives of foreign countries are pleased about the trip for the 3rd Bridge, Topbaş stated that he plans to make a similar trip for the 3rd Airport next year. Workers on the bridge followed the diplomats' visit from the side. Workers who took photos together with Kadir Topbaş signed their hard hats.
The delegation walking up to the line accepted as the midpoint of the bridge took a photo on the line. Standing on the European side of Kadir Topbaş's line, the moments when diplomats stayed on the Asian side caused colorful moments to be experienced. Topbaş, who asked the ambassadors to take a step to the Asian side, called out to the ambassadors, "Welcome to Asia." Topbaş, who is on the European side, asked the diplomats "How does it feel?"

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