Limak won the giant tender in Kuwait

Limak's tender was held in Kuwait: Limak Construction won the tender for the construction of the Kuwait International Airport New Terminal with a bid of $ 4,3 billion. A contract was signed with the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works for the contract of the project, which will have a capacity of 25 million passengers. It was stated that the tender was the largest tender received in one item.
Limak Construction won the tender for the construction of the Kuwait International Airport New Terminal Building with a bid of $ 4,3 billion. The signatures of the project were signed with a ceremony attended by Limak executives and Kuwait Minister of Public Works Ali el-Amir.
The signing ceremony was held at the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works with an intensive participation. At the ceremony, the signatures of the project were laid by Kuwaiti Minister of Public Works Ali al-Amir and Limak Group of Companies Deputy Chairman Sezai Bacaksız.
Minister Amir informed the guests about the project. The budget will be fully covered by the government and the project is expected to be completed within six years. Amir said that the new terminal building will have annual 25 million passenger capacity.
Sezai Bacaksız, Deputy Chairman of the Limak Group of Companies, stated in their speech that they were proud to have won the project. said.
Bacaksız, said the project means a lot more than an airport terminal said the following statements:
"The project's two strongest economies, such as Kuwait and Turkey, we anticipate a close a bridge between the two communities and the two friendly countries. This bridge will not only increase the technology exchange between the two countries, but will also create a ground for new collaborations. Local businesses will thrive. For all these, there are various educational and social responsibility projects that we have planned for Kuwait employees and the public over the next 8 years. ”
Answering questions from members of the press after the signing ceremony, Bacaksız, giving the lowest bid and leaving behind many companies, especially Chinese, said they won this tender.
Expressing that the project is planned to be completed within 6 years and to be operated for two years, Bacaksız said, “An average of 5 people will be employed annually in the project. Initially, the staff will bring 500-750 from Turkey. This figure may increase in the future. Because we can not get the efficiency we want from foreigners. ” said.
Legless, the new terminal building will have a total capacity of 25 million passengers by recording the new terminal with the 51 door to host aircraft of any size passed said.
Expressing that they got this job from the Chinese, Bacaksiz said, “We made the offer, 25 people called us. The Ministry made us sweat with its committee. But we finally won. ” said.
Designed by the Pritzker award-winning architectural firm Fosters + Partners, the new terminal building at Kuwait International Airport will be an important gateway to the country and will be one of the most technological and modern buildings in the world.
Stating that the terminal building will have a very different roof and symbolize Kuwait, Bacaksiz said, “Kuwait International Airport, which will be able to produce some of its own energy thanks to 12 megawatts of special design solar panels to be installed on the roof of the new terminal, is thus the first airport to have environmentally friendly Leed Gold certification worldwide. also aims. Currently, only San Francisco Airport, which is under construction, is expected to be Leed Gold certified. "He said.
Bacaksız, “One of the most beautiful airports in the world. It's really hard to make. It is said to be the most beautiful airport in the Arab geography. It's a difficult project. We want to show that the hardships are made by the Turks. ”
Bacaksız indicating that due to the air temperature may be a problem in running staff Bacaksız, but they are accustomed to this climate, other countries in the region have carried out projects.
Bacaksız, the 4,3 billion-dollar contract, the Turkish contracting sector in the single item of the largest work abroad, underlining that the contract, the signature of the contract for the Turkish contracting sector, said they had achieved a significant success.
Expressing that the terminal area will be 708 thousand square meters, Bacaksız gave the following information about the terminal building:
“The starting capacity, consisting of 51 doors and stands in total, is capable of serving 21 A380s simultaneously. Designed according to the A Service Level of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The project will need more than 1 million cubic meters of locally supplied concrete and more than 100 thousand tons of structural steel. High-quality job opportunities will be created for Kuwait people.
The design collects the whole building under one roof with glazed openings that allow light to enter while keeping the heat out. The cover stretches to shadow a large entrance plaza, supported by the ever-decreasing concrete pillars inspired by Kuwait's traditional sailboats. ”
Bacaksız, specifying that they have signed two jobs so far, said:
“Infection hospital is $ 200 million. One is infrastructure service. That's 200 million dollars. Now there is a project that is in the signing phase. This is a residential and infrastructure project. A $ 300 million project. These are partner jobs. However, 100 percent of the airport business belongs to us. There was news that we received a road tender last week. That is not true. ”
Feyiz Genç, Limak Holding Executive Board Member, reminding that the period given to them for the construction of the terminal is 6 years, “But we want to finish before this time. Our goal is to finish after 4,5 years. ” said.
Stating that their companies operate in 16 countries, Genç said that Kuwait was gaining weight with this signature. Genç stated that the materials to be used in construction will be produced here and they will bring materials from all over the world.
Young government is very sensitive to the sensitivity of the Kuwaiti, said they aimed to work with zero margin of error.
Noting that it is important for the Turks to construct such a difficult terminal by the Turks, Genç said, “It is very important that we write this to our household and succeed. This project will be the success of the Turkish contractor. ” commented.

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