Additional YHT flights to Ankara-Konya-Ankara

Additional YHT flights for Ankara-Konya-Ankara: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan announced that additional YHT flights were put to Ankara-Konya-Ankara line between 1-3 July and 8-10 July
Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, asked all the drivers who set out for the Ramadan Feast to act with the awareness that they were carrying the vehicle. Üler Taking the necessary measures on the roads is taking us to the drivers by following the rules. I
Arslan, said in a statement, the holiday of Ramadan 9 holiday due to intensive traffic due to heavy traffic on the intercity roads to ensure that citizens take a safe and comfortable travel necessary, he said.
Arslan, who pointed out that the drivers will set the road at the same time, will increase the traffic density on certain routes during the departure and return days. He also warned the drivers to avoid the hasty and hectic behavior in order to protect them from accidents.
Arslan, careless and dangerous vehicle drivers and their loved ones and loved ones, and other people hurt by emphasizing that they should be careful not to turn the excitement of the holiday and call the drivers.
Arslan who wants each driver to carry the wheel in the vehicle with the awareness that he / she carries the vehicle, almak It takes us to take the necessary measures on the roads, and to be cautious while following the rules falls on the drivers. Her
“Don't go tired and sleepless“
Arslan warned drivers to follow traffic rules, to pay attention to signs and markers on the roads, said:
Gerekiyor All drivers should take into consideration the weather, road, vehicle condition and psychological conditions, avoid driving tired and sleepless, avoid items such as mobile phones and cigarettes, and they must wear a seat belt during the journey. We ask drivers to maintain vehicles for long-distance travel and ensure that they are adequately fueled, to avoid lashing violations, and not to overload or exceed passenger capacity. In extreme rainfall areas, they should be careful against sudden landslides and collapse. Listen to the warnings, don't take a break from the joy of holidays. Ara
Arslan is on the Genel 0 312 415 88 00 and 425 47 12 159 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX X or the Road Alignment Line before the drivers start the road, or on the free Alo XNUMX line, also on the General Directorate of Highways website m ​​Ars With the ağ route analysis lam program offered to the service, he reminded that it is possible to question the most suitable alternatives from the ından road condition hizmet pages.
In order not to affect the traffic of the road, the construction, maintenance and repair work in the ongoing section of the 2-10 in July, unless the work will be interrupted, stating that the Arslan, short-term work to be completed in an urgent manner, the work continues, for different reasons the road's physical standards in the low standards in accordance with as a warning traffic marking will be done.
50 discount on holiday card
Arslan, Ramadan Feast will be covered on the dates of the trip to the passengers of the trains YHT and outline trains 50 discount will be applied.
In order to meet the increasing passenger demand and to provide better service to passengers, Xnumx June-30 stated that additional measures were taken in high-speed train (YHT), express and regional trains in July. Ler In this context, 10-1 July and 3-8 -Konya-Ankara flights for additional YHT was put. Some outline and regional trains will be added to the wagon. 10 June-30 July, Izmir Blue Train, Konya Blue Train, 10 September Blue Train, Eastern Express, South-Kurtalan / Vangölu Express, Çukurova Express, Pamukkale Express and the Euphrates Express a pulman wagon will be added. X he said.



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