38 percent of İzmir uses rail systems

38 percent of Izmir uses rail systems: With the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the share of the rail system in public transportation has increased to 38 percent.
While a total of 1.7 million passengers are transported every day by public transport in İzmir, approximately 650 thousand people travel per day in the rail system. From this point of view, the share of the rail system in the public transport cake reaches 38 percent. Line length of 149 kilometers and Turkey, which has the largest fleet and train in Istanbul, where the population over 16 million watching these figures are 10 per cent, is below 54 percent while the 6-kilometer line Ankara.
İzmir Metro and İZBAN are located in front of the other two cities if the number of passengers transported is proportioned to the population. There are 4 thousand trips every day in 650 million İzmir, in other words, there is the use of rail system, which corresponds to at least 15 percent of the population. While this number does not reach 10 percent in Istanbul, Ankara is still at the level of 6 percent.
With the commissioning of the Torbalı line, İZBAN reached 110 kilometers, and the Izmir Metro reached 20 kilometers, so the rail system length in İzmir reached 130 kilometers. With the opening of the Selçuk line, which reached the level of 70 percent of the station constructions, this number will increase to 167 km with the Bergama line projected. In other words, İzmir will have received the title of the city with the longest rail system in our country from Istanbul in two years.
13 kilometers of Konak Tram and 9 kilometers Karşıyaka With the addition of the tram, İzmir will continue to have the advantage of having the most common urban rail system in our country.
Izmir Metro, which called the people of İzmir “mer-haba” with its 22 stations on the Three-way-Bomova line on May 2000, 10, opened Izmirspor, Hatay, Göztepe, Poligon, Fahrettin Altay and Bornova Evka-16 stations to service, and the route is Bornova Center. turned to. Izmir Metro, which has increased the number of sets in the vehicle fleet from 3 to 45, will be the owner of a huge fleet of 87 vehicles with the arrival of 95 new sets under construction.
The urban suburban system İZBAN carried its first passenger on August 30, 2010. The system exhibited an exemplary growth in a short period of 5,5 years and reached the number of passengers per year to 90 million dams. İZBAN, which increased from 31 to 38 stations, increased its 80-kilometer line to 110 while increasing the number of its fleet to 24 from 219 wagons. The system, which will extend to Selçuk and Bergama, has managed to set an example for other rail system companies in our country with this rapid growth.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they have realized the biggest rail system breakthrough in the history of the city and said that they will sign a rail system investment, which will reach 2019 km with a working condition of 190 km until 250. Stating that ground surveys have been carried out for Üçyol-Tınaztepe metro line, and then its project will be realized, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We will be tendering this year for the 1st stage of Narlıdere metro line. Within the scope of the second stage, the project of the department up to Employment is drawn. We will finish the trams. We opened the Torbali line of İZBAN. We will finish Selçuk this period. İZBAN's tender for the Bergama line is urgently needed. By 2019, it operates 190 km, and 60-65 km under construction, 250 km from İzmir. We will have a rail system network in length. ” he spoke.
Konak and Izmir will be operated by Karşıyaka While the construction of the tram continues, the production of the 38 train set continues at great speed. The two lines that will find the total 22 kilometers are Konak and Karşıyakawill significantly reduce the burden of traffic in. The rail system transportation, which started in 2000 with 45 wagons of the Izmir Metro, has grown exponentially in 16 years and the number of rail system vehicles in Izmir has increased to 306 with the addition of the İZBAN fleet. With the launch of 95 new vehicles of Metro and 38 vehicles of tram, the fleet will be 439.

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