37 enjoy a warm ski

They enjoyed skiing in 37 degrees heat: In Gaziantep, where the air temperature reaches 37 degrees in the shade, citizens try to cool off by skiing on a synthetic grass track.

Citizens who come to the ski center, which was established in the Erikçe Forest on an area of ​​2 square meters 9 years ago, can ski on the 600-meter long professional track. Those who come to the center also get rid of the effect of the hot air thanks to the sprinkling made by the fountains.

Children having fun

Children also enjoy skiing in hot weather. Ski instructor Efe Yıldırım said that they teach snowboarding and snow big at the center nowadays when the weather is hot. Emphasizing that they especially attract the attention of students, Yıldırım said: “Our guests have fun in our facility, which is cool on a hot summer day, as they wish and safely. Erikçe Ski Center is one of the few facilities in Europe. it's only 2 places in Turkey. We do skiing in winter with the same materials, here in summer. Snowboard training continues in our facility every day of the year. This place is 6-7 degrees cooler than the city center. With the irrigation system, we can further reduce the air temperature. "

Batuhar Trucker, who come to the center of both education and have fun with their hearts expressed the expression of the cool cooler, summer holiday with friends who spend a very nice time, he said.

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