3. bridge asphalt ok

  1. bridge asphalt ok: 3 started construction three years ago. The paving works on the Bosphorus Bridge were completed by a two-month work of a team of 150 people.
    29 2013 on 3 3 is the most important part of the bridge and North Marmara Motorway project. Asphalting works of the Bosphorus Bridge in the pass section of the cars have been completed. It was stated that the surfaces of the steel decks were completely protected against rusting prior to paving. It was learned that a special asphalt was poured into the bridge in two stages. Asphalt work of the asphalt 11 thousand 500 tons of 150 a team of people working day and night as a result of the work completed in less than a month 2 said.
    On the other hand, it was learned that the installation of damper rope hoists, which is an important stage of construction, started. 3. One of the two systems to carry the Bosphorus Bridge was the installation of the inclined suspension ropes. Approximate 176 thousand 6 mileage cable draws completed skewed suspension ropes to avoid swing with damper system fitted with damper system.
    The highway works, along with the works on the bridge, are expected to be completed within the next August. When the project is completed, Odayeri - İkitelli and Paşaköy - Çamlık connection roads will both connect the highway with the inner city and relieve the heavy traffic on the TEM Highway. Vehicles using the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and highways will be able to transit without entering Istanbul. The operation of the 3rd Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway will be carried out by IC İçtaş - Astaldi JV for a period of 10 years, 2 months and 20 days. At the end of this period, it will be delivered to the Ministry of Transport. When the construction of the 3rd bridge and highway is completed, there is a treasury guarantee for 3 thousand automobile passes every day, 135 dollars per vehicle. Thus, the daily income of the bridge will be at least 405 thousand dollars. Crossing the bridge fee will reach $ 15 for heavy vehicles.
    Construction of the business building began
    In the meantime, the construction of the main business building where the bridge operation will take place has started. The modern building will be built on the European side of the bridge. It will be the only building in the region when the main building site, whose surroundings resembles a small city, is completed.

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