3. bridge connecting road changed barracks

  1. The connection road of the bridge changed the border of the barracks: The connection road that will provide the exit to Çekmeköy on the Anatolian side of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which is under construction, changed the border of the Çekmeköy Barracks. The road of approximately 5 kilometers, which will pass between the barracks and the park, which is adjacent to the nature park used extensively by Çekmeköylul before, will be the new border.
    In the meantime, citizens who use the Nature Park surrounded by road works on one side and luxurious residences on the other are worried that the works will include the park and the formation of new residential areas in the forest land. In the statement made by Çekmeköy Municipality, it was stated that "We are continuing to negotiate with the relevant authorities to organize the 200-decare land separated from the military area by the connection road as Çekmeköy City Park and open it to the use of citizens."
    Right next to the Çekmeköy Barracks, built on a forested area, there is Çekmeköy Nature Park with walking paths, cafes and resting areas. The connection roads of the 2rd Bosphorus Bridge will now pass between the two areas that were adjacent to each other about 3 months ago and separated only by wire fences.
    The western border of the Çekmeköy Barracks will narrow with the road that was formerly included in the military field and started to appear with the ongoing works. The connection path 5 km long 3. He will connect the Bridge to the Sile highway. Thousands of trees on the way to cut the old military area showing the plates are still in place. In the field where earthmoving trucks and construction equipment are working, the razor wire separating the old military area from the Nature Park is now on the border of the construction site.
    Citizens who use the Nature Park surrounded by road works on one side and luxurious residences on the other are worried that the work will spread to the park and new residential areas will be created in the forestland. Sinan Boleli, who lives in Çekmeköy, said: “The old state of this place was very good. People were getting fresh air in the morning. Now there is nothing but dust and dirt ”he said. Saying that they requested information from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (iBB) and Çekmeköy Municipality about the works carried out, Taylan Özdemir said that they were not informed about the works carried out. "Will there be any income, will the house be built?" "We did not have such information in Çekmeköy, where we live."
    A citizen walking in the park stated that Doğa Park is the lifeblood of Hamidiye District and said: “We spend our free time here. We use this place as a sports area. Of course, passing the road makes us proud on behalf of our country and our people. But the cutting of trees also saddens us. It feels like it's going to run out of oxygen here completely. I feel very sorry for our neighborhood. I hope they organize our park in a better way and deliver it to us. If they will waste this park for the sake of the road then it will be a pity. "
    3 of road work. Çekmeköy Municipality, confirming the connection of the bridge to the Çekmeköy exit, underlined that there will be no change in the park as the road works are outside the boundaries of Doğa Park. Çekmeköy Municipality said in a written statement that imiz The 200 acreage that leaves the military area by way of connection is organized as Çekmeköy City Park and the negotiations with the relevant authorities are continuing to be opened to the use of citizens,.

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