China 2 expects 560 million passengers to use railway per month

China 2 expects the 560 million passengers to use the railway per month: China expects 2 to travel a million miles a year using the railway in the next 560 month.
In China, domestic travel is increasing with the arrival of summer.
China Railway Company, the 2 55,5 9,03 a month earlier than the previous year, the XNUMX million is expected to increase compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the number of people using the daily railway will increase to XNUMX million compared to the previous year.
On the other hand, railway authorities announced that additional flights will be available from July to 1 August to meet the travel demand.
China stands out as the country with the second largest railway network in the world. The total length of railway lines in the mainland in 2015 reached 121 thousand kilometers. Almost 20 thousand kilometers of this road are high-speed train networks.

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