Suspicious vehicle panic on High Speed ​​Train

📩 09/12/2018 17:52

Suspicious vehicle panic in the High Speed ​​Train line: The police suspecting the car left at the High Speed ​​Train underpass in Konya stopped the train services and called a bomb disposal expert - It was determined that the vehicle was left at the underpass because it ran out of fuel.

It was determined that the car abandoned at the underpass of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Konya was left in the region because it ran out of fuel.

According to the information received, police teams, who received a notification that a car was abandoned at the Carpenters High Speed ​​Train Underpass in the central Selçuklu district, took action.

The teams reached the address in a short time, the car was seen without the license plate was first closed the vehicle to the crossover. After the meeting with the staff of gar teams, stopped the YHT voyages.

While the bomb disposal experts waiting for the police next to the right of Yaldiz (27), the vehicle itself, he said.

Stating that he had to leave the car because of its fuel, Yaldız said, “When the gas ran out, the car stayed here. Normally there are no bombs or anything like it inside. The car was crashed. The paint and other deficiencies were newly made. That's why we didn't put on the plate. Tomorrow the license plate would be put and the visa would go. " said.

Following the police teams' inspections, the car was lifted to the car park and the underpass and train track were opened.

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