YOLDER managers visited Apaydın and Yıldırım

YOLDER managers visited Apaydın and Yıldırım: Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Railway Construction and Operating Association Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), Board Members Suat Ocak and Ramazan Yurtseven and YHT Regional Representative Fatih Köroğlu, General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınI visited in his office. TCDD Road Department Head Fahrettin Yildirim also attended the visit of managers. Yol For the first time in a long time, we had a general manager of the railway, yol said Özden Polat, President of YOLDER.

After a long period of inertia that lasted until the 2009, YOLDER President Özden Polat said that they started to break the records of the Republican history in the railway renewal. . We have always seen your support, Ap said Apaydın. Hopefully, we will walk together to better services, ER said Polat, while explaining the purpose and function of establishing YOLDER.

Or If people do something by believing in something, the costs are lower, the better the product is produced. There was a need for a bridge between the management and employees. We felt a lack here. At this point, we set out to be a bridge between the management and the employees. With these intentions we established YOLDER. We tried to do this as much as we could and share the demands of our members with management and related units. Bugün

Polat, TCDD Human Resources Department sent a letter sent to associations working with employees in the organization of work related to the life of the trade union is reminded that the demands are conveyed through the union. Özden Polat said, Öz We don't find this right. We have expressed our objection. We will not be in a position to ignore the interests of the organization while we strive for the transfer of hundreds of people's common problems. We can't say anything to the detriment of the institution, Kurum he added.

Özden Polat stated that YOLDER continues the dü e-RAIL ğ vocational training project supported by the European Commission within the scope of Erasmus + Program and that the project preparations for the rail welding training continue,- We want to present this in a file, Bunu he said. Polat presented a pennant of YOLDER as well as the file to Apaydın.

General Manager of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) İsa Apaydın. We have ongoing projects. God willing, with your support, together we will move our organization to better days, İn he said. Apaydın said:

“We are trying to do the task given today as it is yesterday. In these missions, we will continue to work to leave good works and good services to our country, our country and our nation. The other day, we gathered our service managers, regional managers, and put them on the table. A negative thing to the citizens should not be reflected. Infrastructure, superstructure and operating wing in full harmony, should continue to provide services in connection.

General Manager of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) İsa Apaydınexpressed the following opinions:

Or Civil society organizations, associations, trade unions, trying to fulfill the demands of everyone on the task of trying to do. You are communicating to us the demands of your members and we are learning about things that we do not see, which are in the field, and that are not communicated to us. This dialogue must continue. I have not interrupted any contact with non-governmental organizations and associations during this period. No worries. Your distress is our problem. You're going to be productive, so the institution can get better. We will continue the matter. İr

YOLDER managers Özden Polat, Suat Ocak, Ramazan Yurtseven and Fatih Köroğlu, together with the association member Ozan Kankaynar, later visited TCDD Road Department Head Fahrettin Yıldırım in his office. Head of Department from TCDD Road Service Lightning's road workers, employees, problems and working conditions that emphasize the best person who emphasized Polat, the road personnel problems, demands, expectations and proposals presented an example of the file.

TCDD Road Department Vice-Presidents Mevlut Ozkara and Ali Ozturk also attended the visit of YOLDER managers TCDD Road Department President Yildirim. YOLDER President Özden Polat, Yildirim'a presented the association's pennant. The participants of the visit together took a picture.

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