The YHT Route in Sapanca

In the phase of expropriation of YHT route in Sapanca: The regular council meeting of the Municipality of Sapanca was held in May. Many issues such as high-speed rail nationalization, municipal baths, and the emergence of Italian camp from the pasture area were discussed in the meeting.

The meeting of Sapanca Municipality 2015 Fiscal Year Final Account in the first article of the meeting was accepted unanimously as it came from the audit committee.


In the high-speed railway line that passes through Sapanca in the second article of the meeting and in the affected area, the change of the 1 / 1000 Implementation Development Plan in Göl Mahallesi and the high-speed railway line that passes through Sapanca in the third item and in the area affected are located in Ünlüce Kurçeşme Neighborhood. 1 Application Zoning Plan change Zoning Commission Reports were discussed together.

The meeting of Sapanca Municipality 2015 Fiscal Year Final Account in the first article of the meeting was accepted unanimously as it came from the audit committee.


Reconstruction and Urbanization Director İbrahim Sucan, who explained in the pre-clause, said that both articles were passed by the majority of the Zoning Commission.

Explaining that the expropriation will start soon, ifade Expropriation border lines determined by the State Railways were determined. Railways prepared the nationalization files. The application for registration of the Cadastre Directorate was made. Due to the small errors were returned. He is now correcting the errors. Under the new plan, an 3 floor arrangement was made in a section in Göl Quarter. If approved in metropolises this way will be changed, Büyük he said.


Sapanca Mayor Aydin Yilmazer, the High Speed ​​Train route is no longer expected to change the plans are the last and accepted plans, he said. Yilmazer, the process of expropriation by the beginning of laying of the line said.


Yılmazer, who reminds that they attempted to expand the underpasses that came down to the lake shore due to insufficient underpasses in the first days when he took office, said sebebiyle These expansion works take part in the new project. These arrangements will be made when the High Speed ​​Train starts. All of these underpasses in the new project have taken place in the way that we want Yeni.


MHP Sapanca City Council Member Eyüp Özen stated that he had reservations about the areas where the High Speed ​​Train Line passes through Sapanca.

Işlen Our hesitation about the plan is that the plan that we talked about is not processed in the 1 / 25.000 plans. In addition, plans of the 5.000 passed through the Metropolitan City Council but the carpet is still in progress. These plans may have objections within the suspension period, which is a separate process. I don't understand why we're in such a hurry. On the other hand, we have serious reservations about the route of this line.


One of the areas where the line passes is Goat Creek Ground. Due to the shifting of this stream to the ground, the State Hydraulic Works gives permits in this area only above a certain distance. However, when we look at the HRW plans, this distance is much closer than allowed. This means that in the event of an excessive rainfall, the creek will have a chance to flood the YHT line.


Another reservation is about the motorway's lower passage. You know that the maximum height here is 4 meters. The train has to go under the ground to pass through. This means going under the water level. Highways do not allow a certain distance up to this point. It is not possible for this road to pass through the present security reasons. In our research, Highways 1. The Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works 3. We have learned that the Regional Directorate is not aware of the YHT line going through the Keçi Stream route.


There are 200 overpasses on the route of approximately one thousand 5 meters that will pass through Sapanca. When we visualize these overpasses and the access roads of these overpasses in such a short distance, we will see a bad image and landscape like the concrete pile on the Kırkpınar coast. Small islets will also form. There will also be difficulties in this sense.


In the new plan there is an arc in the Sarp Creek area. The landslide area of ​​this creek. A similar error was made in Bursa in the past, and the investment project of 400 million was wasted due to the landslide zone. This is not just by Slingshot is a project across Turkey and will be held at great cost. Very good planning and implementation. When determining the routes of these projects, the aim should not be to get between Istanbul and Ankara as soon as possible. This will lead to irreparable consequences where the road passes. Sapanca is a special region with natural resources and vegetation. Taking into account the natural disasters, taking into account all the data of the necessary authorities and institutions, it is necessary to act together and re-examine the route. Doğal


Responding to the criticism of Eyüp Özen on the High Speed ​​Train line, the Mayor Yılmazer said, veren This is a state project and should be fast as its name suggests. Although I agree with you on some issues, it is necessary to think well. Otoyol divided the town into two, but without it, Sapanca would not be so popular. The lake is the most beautiful district, but our biggest asset is okay, but it brings a lot of restrictions. I do not agree with your request to make the project again and change the route. 4 times and routes changed. You're guessing it wasn't for pleasure. All of the studies were conducted after the studies and analyzes. I am not an expert, but the relevant technical teams conducted research and analysis in many regions. Ben


Ibrahim Sucan, Director of Development and Urbanization, said:

Iyor It does not mean that we have approved this plan. He's going to the metropolis after us. From there, the commission will go to the metropolitan council after the commission. Then it will be suspended and will be finalized if there is no objection after the suspension process. The reason we are in a hurry is that the route in which the train line will pass is in a different place. When a citizen or an investor comes to learn the zoning situation, he / she encounters incorrect information. We are experiencing a lot of problems. This is the engineering work in the field of rivers and the current situation will be evaluated or evaluated. But I know very well that ground surveys were done on the route. When the plans are finalized, they will already be suspended and our citizens will have more clear and precise information. Plan


Article MHP members of the rejection of the AK Party members with the majority of votes was accepted by the majority of votes.

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