MOTAŞ With Its Renewed Face

With the renewed face of MOTAŞ: In 2007, with the emergence of the law on the use of vehicles suitable for disabled access in public transportation, starting from the 2009, the purchase of vehicles suitable for disabled access was started.

67 of our fleet is suitable for disabled access. Studies have been initiated to make other vehicles suitable for disabled access.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir encouraged the vehicle fleet was rejuvenated.
2009 11 2013 10.34 2015 9 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX'da while the average age of the XNUMX'a fell. Thus, the average age of motas public transport has risen to first place in Turkey.

The camera system has been renewed for safer and more controllable spaces.
Increasing its service network and operating in different fields, MOTAŞ has established a camera system that will enable remote control by utilizing the technology of the era in order to control the growing potential and ensure adequate security.

In case of any malfunction, the system can be detected by the personnel following the operation. This will result in a shorter time to rectify the fault.

Stations that cause traffic jams and disruptions in the city have been moved to more modern areas and the traffic has been relieved and the passengers have been made easier to access the waiting and buses.
On the other hand, the last stop was started in order to remove the waiting times of the buses that caused masses in the city center.

The Malatya Card Center was moved to its new location in order to ensure that smart cards were prepared in time and delivered to the customer, problematic, worn, broken cards were prepared and handed over to the customer.

The stops were modernized by organizing stops for rest and resting.
The pauses were put on the service to protect the customers from the rain while waiting for the vehicle.

United Nations Human Development Report, reading rate of Turkey, Malaysia, Libya, and also between the 173 86 countries found that countries such as Armenia. ranks.

In order to increase the reading rate in our country, we have to start from one place to another, in the framework of the tür Al Götür, Oku Getir lazım event, libraries were placed at Trambüs stops. The aim is to provide the reader with easy access to the book.

As a result of the cooperation with Türk Telekom and Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Center, the free internet application launched by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ A.Ş.

On April 2015, the free internet service launched in the Trambus takes advantage of the monthly 20 passenger. Considering the satisfaction of passengers, the internet connection will be started in the 15 vehicle for the time being and other CEOs, Enver Sadat Tamgacı, said; . In this context, we signed the necessary contract with Türk Telekom officials to start the free internet application we launched in April 2015 in the Trambuses in our 15 gated vehicle. In the coming days, our passengers will also benefit from the free internet in the 15 vehicle. Ön

Students of the Inonu University in Malatya, both traveling and enjoy the internet by specifying their experiences, during the journey on the internet can access information about their courses, they can communicate with their friends say.

In order to provide better and quality service, MOTAŞ renewed its garages. Landscaping, asphalt and locations were identified so that each vehicle would not pose a problem during parking. To improve safety, it was installed by setting up a remote monitoring and controllable camera system.

With the increasing population, MOTAŞ, which carries the public transportation of Malatya, has become more burdened and alternative systems have been investigated to solve the transportation problem. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir ordered a team for alternative systems to diesel fueled buses and researches were conducted in and out of the country.
Step by step following the research results, President Çakır and his team decided on the Trambus system. As a result of intensive work, the trambus system was implemented in Malatya. With the Trambus, which started its activities, there is a system that is working without stopping in the highway which is the backbone of the public transportation in Malatya.

MOTAŞ planned the Integrated Management System in order to achieve the maximum efficiency and the least damage. As a result of the basic trainings given by a private company that he agreed with, he went to documentation studies.

The working area of ​​the personnel was physically overhauled, hygiene rules were complied with all details within the scope of healthy working conditions, air circulation was sufficient and the office materials were made suitable for health. Integrated management system integration was ensured by making necessary arrangements to ensure the safe working environment.

Throughout the year, the personnel were regularly provided with Integrated Management System trainings by expert trainers. Authorities examining the work carried out in the field of environmental management, including the sensitivity to the quality standard and the environment, as well as the work carried out in the areas of occupational health and safety;

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Standard),
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard),
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard) training is completed, employees have established an awareness of Integrated Management System awareness of quality certificates approved.
    MOTAŞ has documented its service quality with the documents it received.

Malatya MOTAŞ, carrying out the public transportation service of Malatya, completed its corporate identity work.
MOTAŞ renewed its symbol and logo within the framework of corporate identity work.
In the dı corporate identity yapıl work, which is the signature of an institution, a symbol and logo were prepared and changes were made considering the colors and values ​​of Malatya.

Malatya MOTAŞ received the “Transist 2015 Sustainability Project Award” at the Transist 8 2015th International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair.

55 from Malatya to Trnasist was filed in 2015 Project Competition "Turkey's first modern indigenous Trolleybus Project 'Malatya TRAMBUS'" joined the project.

Participating in the fair with the Trambus System in Public Transport project, MOTAŞ won the 1st prize in the sustainability category with its project "Dentur Avrasya", Turkey's First Modern Domestic Trolleybus Project "Malatya Trambus". kazanwas.

Within the scope of the transformation project initiated by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the quality of urban transportation, Dilek, Topsöğüt and Şahnahan, and then Private Public Buses in the Battalgazi region started the expedition.

Together with the Metropolitan, the 'Transformation Project' was launched in order to ensure high quality, comfortable, healthy and fast transportation in public transportation. The bus fleet is also being renewed along with the Public Buses in order to move the public transportation further.

Carrying out public transportation service in Malatya, MOTAŞ conducted a survey to measure customer satisfaction and learn the demands.

In a statement from the motas, according to TurkStat data, which is 62% satisfaction in Turkey reminded the public transport; . It is seen that we have exceeded this level in our survey. 6 thousand people in a survey conducted by an independent organization in total 5 bin, thousand passengers in the trambus 11 satisfaction question was asked.

As a result of the survey, it is concluded that the passengers are satisfied with our service in% 71 ratio den.

Targeting customer satisfaction at the maximum level, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ continues to innovate in accordance with its electronic infrastructure.

MOTAŞ signed a new protocol with Inonu University.

In the new application, passport photos are not requested. The photographs of the applicants for the card are taken to the cards at the card center during the application.

The goal is to save schools from the burden of stationery by providing all transactions for students and teachers through the web services during the 2016-2017 academic year. Thus, time and paper waste will be prevented by making the transactions faster and on time.

In addition, students who are under the age of 17 will not be asked for a 'certificate of learning'. As a result of the correspondence with the National Education Directorate, the protocol with the University will be made similar and the same system will be valid for the National Education community.

1 Starting from June on the internet, smart cards over the Internet start the TL loading period!
MOTAŞ, working with easier and more accessible service approach, launched a balance loading period for smart cards over the web in order to ensure that customers who suffer from balance problems from time to time in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

With the launched system is You are uploading to your card. When you read your card to the validator in just five minutes, your balance is loaded

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