Railway Works in Tarsus

Tarsus Railway Study: Tarsus Mayor Sevket Can, the Adana-Tarsus-Mersin double-track railway 4 even prepared for the removal of the project on behalf of Tarsus should be studied well.

Can, a press conference in a restaurant, gave information about their recent work.

Can started work to illuminate the districts of the district that transmits Can, Ramadan, with the contribution of businessmen in the month of sahur and iftar dinner reported.

Also mentioned the work of increasing the Adana-Tarsus-Mersin railway line, said:

Iz We are not against this project. But we want to draw attention to the problems that will arise when this project is done. Gazipaşa, Mithatpaşa, Yeşilyurt, Fahrettinpaşa and Kavaklı level crossings are overpass and overpass. Tarsus is divided into north and south. We have no trouble with the vehicle. Our distress will pass to our citizens. The situation of pedestrians will be very difficult. Passing from north to south will be very difficult for pedestrians. The train passing through the heart of the Gazipaşa underground and Kavaklı'dan exit. If this does not happen, let Mithatpaşa enter. I'm looking for a lot of pedestrian crossings. As a result, this is our offer. Completely subtracted. We will support all kinds of projects that the government will do for our city, but if this project is realized in this state, there is no problem for vehicles but I think it will not be an efficient project for our pedestrians. He divides Tarsus in two and brings with him many troubles. The project for the removal of the 4 line of the railway between Adana and Tarsus-Mersin should be studied well on behalf of Tarsus. Adana

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