What is URAYSİM Project

What is URAYSİM Project: The first step of the National Rail Research and Test Center tender was taken. 8 received bids in the tender and the decision was made.

The first tender was held for the National Rail Systems Research and Test Center. The first tender was held for the National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSIM), which is planned to be operational within the scope of the Rail Systems Center of Excellence Project carried out by Anadolu University (AU).

According to the written statement made by the university, 8 companies participated in the tender held at the Anatolian University Rectorate. It was noted that the bidding of the proposals would result after the evaluation process.

The National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center project is expected to bring about many innovations.

Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan announced that the National Rail Systems Research Center (URAYSİM) was included in the 2016 investment program by the Ministry of Development and that the project could start its construction within this year. Both the need Turkey Eskisehir for unequaled project is reminiscent of that of a tested center rail vehicle of this geography Gundogan project gave the following information: "This project is a gift to our Eskisehir and to Turkey universities. The project budget, which was 166 million 500 thousand TL, was increased to 400 million TL by the ministry. At the beginning, tests of urban rail vehicles will be done. In Phase 2, High Speed ​​Train tests will begin. There will be 3 main tenders related to the project. The first of these will be the administrative buildings tender. This concept, which will include an education building, workshops and social facilities, will be put out to tender on May 26, 2016. In the 2nd phase, the tender for test equipment including 21 devices will be held. Afterwards, test roads will be tendered and 27 km long test road will be constructed. The real challenges are starting now. A project like no other. R&D studies will also be carried out here. The center will make a serious contribution in Eskişehir. Both in the economic and employment sphere. When this project is implemented, it will be registered that Eskişehir is a rail systems center. The owner of the project is Anadolu University. We plan to complete this project, which has been waiting since 2011, in 2019. Our university will do this project alone. There is a lot of interest from abroad. The Czech Republic offered partnership. To be able to use a rail systems vehicle, it must be certified. We can also give that. "

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