UN Ro-Ro's Ambarlı Port will be the gateway of Marmara to Europe

UN Ro-Ro Ambarlı Port, Marmara will be the gateway to Europe: 322 thousand vehicle capacity 12 with modern Ro-Ro vessels are assessed fleet, Turkey-leading intermodal transport in Ro-Ro line between European firm UN Ro-Ro Operations to .Şti., Istanbul (Pendik) and Mersin, in the port of Trieste, the port of Toulon in France of regular ro-ro Pendik time while performing, has added a new ports in Turkey. UN Ro-Ro, which is the market leader of Ro-Ro lines, which is an alternative to road transport, is a new era in Intermodal transportation for the cargoes to be produced in Europe and in Thrace and to be exported to Europe with the Ambarlı - Trieste flights launched from Istanbul. opener. With the start of the flights, the transportation costs of the export companies in the region will decrease and the competitiveness will increase. Due to the Ambarlı port, the day-to-day loss of vehicles and loads due to traffic restrictions on the bridges will be prevented. Ambarlı Port will also prevent heavy traffic from the European side of Istanbul when trucks, trucks and cargoes cross the Asian side.

Which performs a large part of Turkey's exports and imports offer different services to the international road hauliers UN Ro-Ro; It stands out as a reference brand of intermodal transportation by creating a programmable, traceable, safe and economic alternative with its modern ships. 280 200 is the largest 12 truck, the smallest 250.000 truck tractor capacity. UN Ro-Ro Operations Inc. carries more than XNUMX trucks annually with its modern Ro-Ro vessel fleet. It is especially important for the Thracian region. Ambarlı Port, which is located at the location, opened its service.

With the Ambarlı Port, the 20.000 will reach the Port of Trieste, Italy, and all over Europe without entering the XNUMX trucks, bridges and highways. Ambarlı Port, which will create a significant decrease in the number of heavy vehicles passing through Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, will be nearly as effective as the positive contribution of Marmaray to bridge traffic.

In the European side of Istanbul, which has not yet had an international RO-RO line, the economic contribution of 10 million TL will be provided to the transporters and exporters on a yearly basis, mainly due to the reduced transportation costs upon the launch of Ambarlı Port. In addition, heavy cargo vehicles will not pass from the European side to the Asian side and will save over 6 million TL.

U .N made a statement on the subject. Ro-Ro Operations Inc. CEO Sedat Gümüşoğlu; "Turkey's realized his 65 percent of exports to Europe via Ro-Ro lines as UN Ro-Ro, 12 Our fleet of modern ship, our ports in the high standards that we operate with the latest technology, while meeting all the requests and needs of our customers sector, in our new investments we continue. With the launch of Ambarlı Port, we will ensure that vehicles departing from the European side will reach their final destination in Europe without wasting time and money. We will offer a cost advantage to our exporters and importers. We will make sure that the traffic of Istanbul is reduced by reducing the number of trucks passing through the bridges in Istanbul by 20.000 units. With our Ambarlı line Halkalı, ÇerkezköyBy offering an attractive Ro-Ro transportation service to the cargoes from Corlu, Çatalca and Tekirdag, we will reduce the CO2 emissions of 8 million kg per year and contribute significantly to the environment. As the market leader of Ro-Ro lines, we will continue to add strength to our power in the coming period and to create high standards of the sector. We closed the last year with very ambitious growth figures, and this year, we expect ambitious growth. Looking at the current course 2 will reach the growth rate of% 2016 X he said.

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