TURKISH-overqualified than TÜDEMSAŞ Decal: Turkey Confederation of Trade Unions (TURK-IS) President Ergun Atalay, Railway Workers Union General Secretary of Finance Zeki Karakurt and his accompanying delegation, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yildiray Koçarslan received information about companies working visit in his office.

In his speech, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said, “Türk-İş and Railway business union has always supported us in the momentum and development of our company. Here, we brought the working environment and quality of life to European Standards. We work diligently in the R&D Unit. We have completed our certification studies in the freight wagon sector. In the field of welding, we provide our staff with international welding certification trainings. In this context, we have advanced our company seriously. ”

Speaking later, TÜRK-İş President Ergün Atalay talked about the important contributions TÜDEMSAŞ made to Sivas and our country. Atalay said, “TÜDEMSAŞ, one of the most important industrial establishments of our country and Sivas, continues its contributions to the Railways and especially to Sivas. I hope that this contribution will continue with our dear General Manager, colleagues and colleagues in this huge establishment. You have a nice way. God give convenience." He spoke in the form.


TÜDEMSAŞ of Turkey's most important institutions that TURK-pointing between President Atalay, "Today we General Müdürlüğünd TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas and one of the most important institutions that are important for me railways. We visit our dear General Manager. With me, Zeki Bey, who is your countryman, the financial secretary of the railways, is in our Sivas branch management. We came here for an interview at Cumhuriyet University. We were in Soma last night. Dear friends TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the important institutions for Sivas to Turkey and one out of every two people in this province have looked at this factory. I have come to this factory for 40 years with different tasks. Now I came as the President of Türk-İş. I see that the bar rises a little higher every time I come. "Our Esteemed General Manager and our previous General Managers and engineers have certainly made important contributions and kept this factory alive."


Expressing that they attach importance to railways and TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜRK-İŞ Chairman Ergün Atalay said, “Our dear General Manager continues to raise the bar even more and keep alive this gigantic institution with his colleagues. This institution needs to railways and Turkey. Turkey also needs this institution. Because the number of industrial establishments in this region is very low and this is one of the most important organizations. From time to time, we follow it from the media such as "station go here, factory go here". But all over the world, stations are located in the center of the city. Sivas station must also remain in the center of the city. I do not think our dear minister thinks otherwise.

This is a modernized landscaped factory that does not harm the environment and has to continue its work with the worker and the worker. Our railways are very important here. Mr. Minister and our deputies of the region give great importance here. I, too, attach great importance here as the President of Turk-Is. Because this is one of the most intense regions of our railway union.

We have to keep TÜDEMSAŞ and railways alive. In the past, the rulers of the country were ignoring the railways. Now you can see high speed trains on billboards. I hope to be here on 2018, the day the high-speed train arrives. I think that when the high-speed train arrives, the position of Sivas and the position of TÜDEMSAŞ will change.

Türk-İş General President Ergün ATALAY, who explained the transformation of the railway sector with TÜDEMSAŞ from the past to the present, said, lam In the difficult conditions of the old period, they established these factories during the times when the machine park was zero. Tekel factories established and these factories have contributed to our country in every field. They have contributed in many areas such as sports, art, culture and cinema and still continue to serve our country. I wish God's mercy for those who had emigrated to the Hereafter from their workers.

I've been coming here since 1978 and I've seen it better every time I come. As long as these factories live, Sivas live railways. So from politicians to bureaucrats, how do we keep these factories alive from workers to unionists and how we produce high quality as we have in hadiths yaşat The worker will swallow his forehead without having to swallow the forehead, but in the worker to sweat his forehead. We are the people who always think in this direction since we came as Türk-İş and Demir-İş. Life begins in a place and ends in a good place to fill this gap and be useful to people. Today 8 have received more news of martyrs. God bless you all hope that a moment ago our country is rid of this scourge of terrorism, and these organizations in our industrial organizations continue to work more efficiently. Thank you all. Hep

Türk-İş President Ergün ATALAY and his delegation visited Sivas Demirspor club after Kaynak Education Center, R&D and Tüdemsaş Museum. Atalay with the athletes of the future sohbet He wished success to the athletes.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan presented a plaque in memory of his contributions and visits to TUDEMSAŞ, General Manager of Turkish-Business and Railway Business Ergün ATALAY and General Financial Secretary Zeki Karakurt.

Demiryol'iş Trade Union Sivas Branch President Murat Kütük'te was present at the visit.

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