Target national production to enter the league of the rich

The target is to enter the league of rich with national production: 65. The government program is based on 'domestic and spindle production' in different sectors from health to technology, from energy to industry. Prime Minister Lightning "Turkey to enter the ranks of high-income countries are our main goal," he said.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım presented the government program to the Assembly. Lightning program 10. He said he was prepared based on the commitments in the Development Plan and the election declaration. Lightning 65. He said the government would continue to achieve economic growth through political stability and confidence. The economy of the new government program consists of 'radical change in real economy, priority transformation programs and public finance'. The government program is based on 'domestic and spindle production' in different sectors from health to technology, from energy to industry. Speaking about the government program, Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that the real sector will be made more powerful and more competitive in order to become a country that increases the employment and creates a growing employment. We will improve the business and investment environment. We will encourage and support national and international direct investments and take all kinds of measures that all investors need. Ulusal Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that the growth potential will be increased by focusing on microeconomic and sectoral transformations.


Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that the action plans implemented in 2016 will be implemented by taking into consideration the priorities in the government program and said eylem Our youth is our future. Providing vocational training and job opportunities for young people will be one of our priority tasks. The necessary works for the transition to the fourth industrial revolution will be accelerated in our country. Ül


  • Production based on domestic energy sources

Domestic and renewable energy sources are evaluated at a high level and nuclear technology is intended to be used in electricity generation. Work will be carried out to avoid wasting energy and minimizing environmental impacts. Large lignite basins such as Afşin-Elbistan and other reserves with lower capacity will be evaluated.

  • Capacity increase in natural gas storage

Natural gas storage capacity will be increased. In this context, the completion of the ongoing Tuz Lake Underground Storage Project is planned. Domestic and international oil and natural gas exploration and production will be increased. Exploration activities for the determination of the potential of domestic resources such as coal and geothermal are maximized.

  • Priority for domestic and national industry

Prime Minister Yıldırım said that the government program, which was read in Parliament, will support private sector investments more economically. Domestic and national industries will be strengthened, including space and defense industry. Türksat 5A satellite construction is started.

  • Easy access to finance

Accessibility is brought under favorable conditions. Priority will be given to employment-oriented projects and investments with the cooperation of public and private sectors in the regions that do not attract the interest of the private sector. Measures will be developed for the employment of qualified and qualified personnel in the underdeveloped regions.

  • Quality in vocational education

Measures will be taken to increase the quality of vocational education so as to ensure the quality of education in the occupations and fields required by the business world. The contribution of private sector is increased in vocational high schools. Employment of vocational and technical high school graduates will also be encouraged.

  • Domestic and national production in medicine

The capacity of medical technology, medicine and cosmetics industry and health tourism is increased. Target, with local and national production, making Turkey the leading countries of the region in the health field. National vaccine will be produced with domestic plasma products. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model launched in the city hospitals projects will be completed.

  • Free internet for poor families

Social transfers and tax regulations will continue to take care of the poorest segment. Social assistance employment is also strengthened. Poor families will be provided with internet access with certain criteria. Employment incentives for women's employment are maintained. Young people will be provided with free internet access.

  • Three years tax exemption to start a new business

Young people who want to start their own business in return for the project up to 50 thousand liras, while providing unrequited cash, young people who set up a new business income tax exemption for three years will be provided. GENÇDES program is being implemented. Short films, first films, books, magazines etc. project-based support will be provided for sporting activities with artistic activities.

  • Protection for severance pay

The issue of job security and severance pay will be discussed with the social partners and discussed with the rights and law of the employee. Establishment of training units in private sector enterprises will be encouraged. The process of working permits for foreigners will be simplified.

  • 3 high-rise Grand Istanbul Tunnel

Mega transportation projects are accelerated in the new period. With the 3 high-rise Grand Tunnel, the 6,5 million citizens will use the 9 different rail system and connect the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges with the BOT model. The work of the Kanal Istanbul Project, which will be one of the biggest projects of the century, will continue.

  • National High Speed ​​Train

Railways, including high-speed trains, will be produced by domestic facilities. The first national high-speed train will be put into operation with the project for which the tender preparations are continuing. Nationalization and nationalization efforts for defense, aerospace technologies will be accelerated. The localization rate of regional aircraft construction, domestic and national satellite construction and defense industry are increased.


  • By the hands of the TOKI pensioners will be held in appropriate conditions housing.
  • Premium configurations will not be implemented except in exceptional cases such as economic crisis and natural disaster.
  • Supplementary pension savings will be supported.
  • Quality will be increased in public revenues and expenditures.

  • The monetary policy framework will strengthen the price stability.

  • The monetary policy instruments that the Central Bank will implement in order to ensure price stability will be determined directly by itself.

  • their assets abroad, as well as the resources they have to make investments in Turkey will be encouraged to bring foreign nationals to Turkey.

  • Istanbul International Financial Center (IFC) Priority Transformation Program will be implemented.

  • Incentive tax arrangements will be made in order to increase the share of interest-free financing methods and to increase participation in these financial instruments.

  • Measures will be taken to facilitate access to financing investments and to reduce costs, especially for SMEs and qualified infrastructure investments.

  • Special purpose saving mechanisms will be developed to encourage long-term savings.

  • Interruption rates in the private pension system will be approached to international levels. The automatic participation system will be piloted.

  • New projects will be implemented in many areas including new highways and high-speed train lines.

  • Patent Exchange will be established.

  • 2019 aircraft will be built until 15.

  • The dowry account and the housing support account and similar applications, as in the application of birth gifts, citizens can benefit from living abroad.

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