Spil Mountain Cable Car and Hotel Projects Begins

Spil Mountain Ropeway and Hotel Projects Begins: President of the Municipality of Sehzadler indicating that a large urban transformation projects Omer Faruk Celik, "Gecekondullaran neighborhoods will eliminate the unhealthy structures," he said

Mayor of Manisa Sehzadeler Omer Faruk Celik, Egeli Sabah projects and made explanations about the future of his work. Stating that the delivery of the ropeway and hotels project to the Spil National Park was done at 27 May 2015. We wanted to make the cable car and the hotels together. Thankfully, our Minister Veysel Eroğlu has also supported. The projects of the hotels are completed. The construction permit of the hotels will be given by the municipality. Within a few months, the foundations of both hotels and ropeway will be laid. 40-1.5 will be finished both hotels and cable car during the year. Thus, the annual dream of Manisal 2 will turn into reality. Böylece Şehzadeler Municipality as a large urban transformation projects describing the Steel, ebi This project is related to our neighborhoods such as Ishak Çelebi, Gediz, Public Works, Kocatepe and Dilşikar. These are all shanty houses. There are unhealthy structures here. These structures at the foot of Spil Mountain also disrupt the appearance of the city. We prepared a file under the law numbered 40. Our file is waiting at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We will implement this project with the signing of the signatures, İm he said. Urban transformation project will be realized in the area will make the center of Manisa Steel said, said; Ol It will be a better project than Ankara Dikmen Valley Project. At the entrance to Turgutlu, we will declare the area where the empty areas are located, such as marble houses, coalmongers and scrap dealers. We will make it a center of attraction with the city hospital of 6356-500. We are also planning the construction of modern houses there. At two points, the construction of 600 bin housing is in question. Together with Toki we will do the application. Tok

Stating that they also do routine municipal operations, Çelik said, ini We do our best to modernize our old villages, which are new neighborhoods. We set up 50 gaming groups, some of which are suitable for disabled people. There is a very serious social facility in Manisa. On the land of 22 acres we are making the most beautiful facilities of the city. We complete our projects on hobby gardens. We have projects such as Minia Sehzades, Panaromic Mesir Museum and children's fairy tale park. Manisa is an agricultural city. We care about our farmers who are engaged in agriculture. 320 thousand acre agricultural land in the district of Sehzadeler. Our producers, the vineyards, gardens to go easy to make over a thousand kilometers of ova road maintenance. On the history of Manisa this is a first. We made an early forecast and warning system for our farmers. The first cherry of the Northern hemisphere is produced here. The trade of cherries is made between the streets. For this we are making a modern marketplace. We're excited. We have our enthusiasm. Gay

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