I'm not İZBAN alone,

İZBAN not only to go to the court: Other than İZBAN, last year's public transportation chaos, which suffered damage between companies such as Izdeniz and Izmir Metro AS, as well as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality company has filed a lawsuit against ESHOT

It was revealed that İZBAN was not the only institution that sued ESHOT for 15 million lira of public damage caused by the chaos in public transportation in June last year. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality companies Izdeniz and Izmir Metro AŞ have filed another lawsuit against ESHOT for compensation of losses just like İZBAN. he wanted it to be. Now, it has been revealed that Izdeniz and Izmir Metro AS, which have suffered losses like İZBAN due to free boardings in June 3, have applied to ESHOT to “meet our losses”, but these correspondences between municipal companies have not yielded any results.

ESHOT General Directorate addressed the judiciary for the collection of receivables in the letter sent in response to municipal companies. When this was the case, the dispute between the sister organizations was taken to the court. İzmir Metro Inc., which carries tens of thousands of passengers everyday with Izdeniz, which carries passengers in the inner bay within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has filed a lawsuit against ESHOT, the operator of the electronic fare collection system. Companies asked ESHOT to compensate for damages caused by free boardings through the court. It is stated that the loss of Izdeniz is about 800 thousand liras and the damage of İzmir Metro AŞ is around 3 million liras, even if no official statement is made. The court will set the point for the “loss compensation” dispute between municipal companies. Courts looking at the case will decide based on the data in the electronic fee collection system. Kartek company won the electronic smart card tender held in Izmir in January 2015, and Kentkart, which has been maintaining this service for 16 years, was deactivated and the new period started in June and chaos was experienced. Validators either did not read the electronic cards of Izmir residents who wanted to get on the bus, metro, ferry and İZBAN on June 1, or did not allow the passage as "the balance is insufficient". In the chaos environment, between 1 and 10 June, 15 million lira of public damage occurred due to free boarding to public transportation vehicles, and it was first announced to the public by the management of IZBAN that ESHOT was filed.



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