The Sculpture in İzmirspor Metro Station Created a Discussion in İzmir

The Sculpture in Izmir's Izmirspor Metro Station Created a Discussion: There were tense moments for the people around the discussion in the subway in Izmir. The reason for the controversy at the İzmirspor metro station was a burned wood sculpture.

The statue of a wooden musician who was put on the Izmirspor stop, which is one of the subway stops used intensively in Izmir, caused a debate. The sculpture has attracted everyone's attention. Those who traveled between Fahrettin Altay and Evka 3 and the ones who came to Izmirspor stop, continued for a long time.


Some of the citizens could not understand what the statue looked long. Some did not want to look at the semi-naked statue. A female citizen on the subway, expressing that they did not find the statue appropriate, said that they could not answer their children a statue about the statue. Some citizens need to respect the work of art, he said.


The topic has been moved to the agenda in the social square. Some users note under the statue, "What is the status of this uncle?" Some note, "a freak sculpture," he commented.




    1. This discussion is a typical excuse of behavior for our country ü In communities such as the general culture and the low level of education, this kind of fuss is normal. It cannot be expected for every exact liking. The work of art (all of the artifacts are unquestionably works) is not good, not bad. The image is shaped according to the artist's world, not by us, but by us, by what I want or by high, half, low, smooth, skewed. The artist or exhibitor, however, is a signboard that has to be done to convey what it means. Maybe that's what's missing here. Or ”gabet“, ube freak “, abet perfect“ etc. such as CROPS, neither me, nor you, nor him, nor falls to us! This is an insult.
      The weird side of it; those who have this type of crunches are the ones with the lowest education level who understands the subject at least. We are already a nation: - miş Colors and pleasures can not be discussed ılamaz statement is almost a collection of proverbs. So where's the bullshit of this phrase? (1) Colors are defined by physics science as Hypothesis-Evidence and are based on basic physics rules. So controversial, even root, stalk, should be discussed in detail! (2) Pleasures are created by the values ​​and influences of society / society over time, and it is the subject of a definitive debate. Colors + pleasures are the colors of the nature we live in, that is, a perception phase formed by the effect of our environment on us.
      As a result: the nation / illet, must leave an unnecessary comment and understand that it is necessary to understand what is and / or not, and above all, to try to enjoy it. Otherwise, those who are here are surprised at the art stations of another country. Do not forget; The event is not only black and white, but also shades of gray tones.

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