Rizeli cable car made its name laid in the spindle

Rizeli ropeways put his name on lasagna: Rizeli citizens established an 300 meter ropeway line to get to Mount Ovit, named after 'lazy'

İhsan Ekşi, living in İkizdere District of Rize, built an interesting ropeway system by spending a thousand TL in 2640 for use in skiing on Ovit Mountain at an altitude of 10. The 300 meter steel tele hanging roller cabinet and the electrically operated system make it easy to climb to the top.

Inspired by the primitive ropeways used in freight transport in the region, Ihsan Ekşi has built 8 ropeway system on the slope of Mount Ovit.

The 2 is an interesting cable-powered, electrically powered cable car with 2 personality roller cabin, which hangs on two steel wires. Those who reach the summit by climbing the cabin, ski boards known as 'Lazboard' in the region and professional skiers used by skiing skiing is a great pleasure.


Inspired by the cable car system, founded the name 'Lazferik' Ihsan Sour, snow covered over the 8 month Ovit Mountain is the ideal ski area, stating, ik even in May, there is snow 1.5 meter in Ovit. We can ski until the end of June. But before we could walk to the top, we were skating down. It was very tiring to climb. I wanted to install such a system. It cost 10 a thousand liras. We are now getting into the cabinet with friends and getting out to the summit easily, Şimdi he said.

”Our business is safe AY

Islam Pool and Genghis Khan, who explained that everything became much easier after the ropeway, said, sonr Climbing the summit was very tiring. Our work with the ropeway made easy. It is much more enjoyable to ski in May. Mayıs

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