Polatlı - Objection to Konya YHT Line Section Camera System Installation Project

KiK rejected the objection to TCDD Polatlı - Konya YHT Line Cutting Camera System Installation Project Tender

In order to monitor from the center the critical points and art structures in the Polatlı - Konya YHT line section, whose proposals were collected on January 30, 2015 by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, KIK number 2014/136994 and whose approximate cost is 20.014.097 TL. JCC rejected the objection of SYS Sistem - Bükem Telekomünikasyon joint venture as a result of the tender for the establishment of a camera system. Meanwhile, the result of the objection Vendeka Information Technologies firm made to the JCC on May 06, 2016 for the result of the tender is expected.

As is known, Elsitel Elektromekanik won the tender with an approximate cost of 20.014.097 TL after the previous corrective action works, with a bid of 5311.028 Euros. Savronik Elektronik - Savronik System joint venture won the tender with 11.935.000 TL offer.



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