New era for safe transportation of IETT buses

New era for safe transportation on IETT buses: İstanbul Elektrik Tramvay and Tunel establishments established a brand new vehicle monitoring center in the Bus Fleet Management Center in İkitelli with the new GPS technique developed in order to increase the security in public transportation vehicles.

Istanbul Electric Trolley and Tunnel Operations (IETT), which provides service to 14 million Istanbullix 5 buses and 100 thousand each day, has established bus fleet management center in İkitelli Garage with the team of İ 50 for electronic tracking and management of public transportation vehicles. The team that monitors the traffic of Istanbul on the giant screen that is located at the center where all buses can be tracked with the established GPS connection to the bus will provide the transportation and administration of the IETT vehicles according to the traffic situation of the road. Within the scope of the system, it is possible to intervene in the delays of the voyages and also to prevent the flights.

In order to facilitate the management of the crisis, many operators follow the system at the Fleet Control Center. At the command center; traffic operators following the vehicle timetables in accordance with the timetable, communication operators providing the necessary communication by monitoring the events in the field, tracking of the malfunctions of the vehicles on time and providing the service to the service. 7 hours of 24 hours serving operators and communication desks.

There are connections between 3G and the Control Center. Interactive communication with drivers is established with the computers in the vehicles. The drivers forward any negativity to the control center. The traffic operator sees the line and status of the drivers looking for the system and makes the necessary guidance. Traffic density maps, IMM city cameras and metrobuses are being followed to ensure that flights are carried out in a healthy way.

IETT started to put an ere emergency button lar on the vehicles as a precaution against the dangers that passengers may be exposed to. In this application, İkitelli is managed by the IETT Control Center. When the button is pressed in an emergency, the emergency alarm is generated and the instant camera images in the vehicle are sent to the Control Center. The fleet intervenes by contacting the security forces.

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