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Logistics Sector Logistics Village: Wants to bring solutions to problems related to logistics and supply chain 5. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress started in Mersin. LOD President Mehmet Tanyaş, stating that the logistics even one village in Turkey, "the problem must be solved necessarily the logistics park. This is our biggest expectation from the state. Devlet

Logistics Association (LODER), Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO), Mersin Chamber of Shipping (MDTO) and Toros University in cooperation with 5. The fifth edition of the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress began with an intense participation. Organized by the academic community in the past years, the congress is held for the first time in Mersin by the partnership of the private sector and non-governmental organizations. The two-day sessions will be held in the 3 day-long congress, and solutions for the problems related to logistics and supply chain management will be discussed. 8 invited speaker and 42 academician and researcher 156 from 90 University will present papers at the congress, which is organized with the theme acak Mixed Transportation, Logistics in the Eastern Mediterranean “.

At the opening of the congress in Mersin Divan Hotel, Mersin Governor Özdemir Çakacak, Mediterranean Region and Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Nejat Atilla Demirhan, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality HASAN Gökbel and many representatives from the sector from within and outside of Mersin participated.

Speaking at the opening of the Congress LODER President. Mehmet Tanyaş emphasized that logistics should not be confused with the transportation sector. Logistics Tanyaş voicing that originated more complex and information, creating a supply chain, said they are aiming to increase the competitiveness of Turkey. Stating that this issue is very important Tanyaş logistics village, near the logistics park there was not even one in Turkey. Tanyaş stated that they hope this situation will be corrected, ı The problem of logistics village must be solved. This is the biggest event we've come to expect from the state. The concept of the logistic village was first voiced in Mersin and I remember 2 bin 800 as turning. Today in Zaragoza Logistics Center in Spain, 17 is founded on a thousand acres. There are 100 logistic villages in Europe. Our greatest expectations from the government resolved this issue in Turkey. If the problem of the logistics village is not solved, the railways will not work. The logistic villages will be built, which will be the railways that make the ring between them. If the railway works, money is earned. If the wagons are full on the way, they will not get results if they are empty. For this reason, there is a great need for logistics villages. Our new prime minister is already of logistic origin and knows these things well. For this reason, I believe that this issue will be solved Bu.

MTSO Chairman Şerafettin Aşut said that they aim to be a city that creates added value both in logistics and in all supporting sectors supporting it. The world's trade balance changes, trading from Aşut pointed out that changed the map, "Our goal and our efforts, ranging from Mersin, in this map both to Turkey and also to the logistics base in the Mediterranean basin," he said.

A strong bottom and superstructure in logistics, whether it is the base or the center densin emphasized that the important, but this robust structure and exporters can be competitive, the porter, the port, customs consultants can make money, companies can reduce the logistics costs by saving money can be efficient. After obtaining these gains, stating that the irrelevant places should be the logistics base or center, distributing artificial adjectives to the provinces or regions will not benefit the economy. Lojistik We do not need a signboard economy. We need a mentoring mentality based on efficiency. Verim

Şerafettin Aşut noted that there were many economic and political problems in the world. Hiçbir No international problem, no economic crisis, no international negative development, do not harm us as much as we do not do things inside. Logistics Center is a non-logistical city? This claim is not as meaningless as the claim that we should be a city of knowledge. Logistics, Turkey is an important sector, especially for Mersin is one of the backbone industries. Mersin is the entrance and exit gate of this country. After the Marmara Sea, this city, which is the vital point of the country's biggest economic region, is not logistics but rather logistics with its still non-logistics center. We crossed the oceans, drowned in the creek. We received the support of our ministers, could not overcome the directorates. We overcame institutions, couldn't get through. But we didn't give up, we didn't give up. Because for Mersin, we have no chance to leave the game for our country. Çünkü

Rector of Toros University Dr. Yüksel Özdemir also informed that the congress was organized with the theme of de Changing Trade with Globalization, Mixed Transportation, Logistics in the Eastern Mediterranean Yüksel. Özdemir stated that this issue has all the transport disciplines. Iğ This region is the heart of logistics. We should support the development of this sector as all institutions bu.

Mersin Governor Özdemir Çakacak gave information about the planned logistics investments in Mersin. Noting that Mersin is an important trade center, Çakacak stated that the projects aimed at expanding the Çukurova Regional Airport, Mediterranean Coast Road, Mersin-Adana highway and all other road and airway investments aimed to strengthen the transportation infrastructure of the city. In Turkey, construction is scheduled 19 one of the centers Yenice the first stage related to the infrastructure of the Logistics Center is completed, the second stage is about Çakacak describing the continuing bidding process, he said: "At the same time Mersin is a logistic center will make a leap in that direction and our state, it will make sure that our government progresses decisively at the point of maximum contribution to the targets set by our government. hüküm

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