Old wagons will become history in Kocaeli

Old wagons in Kocaeli will go down in history: Once home to one of the most prestigious venues in the city, the wagons on the side of the old train station building are the historic guesthouses

The Ten Number Cafe-Restaurant Bar, located right next to the historical station building that Kocaeli Governorship restored and renewed completely ...

After the restoration completed in 2006, the historical station building was awarded to the Sacred Tourism Company of Istanbul by tender.

The Number Ten Café-Restaurant Bar was inaugurated in 2007. The establishment consisted of three old wagons and historical sites, where the holy tourism company in Istanbul undertook the management of the 35 thousand TL rent a month.

On Corner restaurant, which has a branch of 8, has prepared a different concept by implementing the Vagon Cafes with its historical garage.

The venue caught a very nice momentum in the first years.

Remarkable with its different concept, the company has announced its name in a short time in Kocaeli.

But a murder in the place affected the work negatively.

Every day the customer has lost its doors in 2010 on Loser On Number Restaurant.

The wagons and guesthouses, which were restored with huge amounts of money, were almost abandoned after that date.

Kocaeli riders did what was expected of them again and forgot this big investment.

The wagons decayed on the passing roads and the wooden structure of the building was poured.

Nevertheless, the locomotive, which was placed in the region for exhibition purposes, managed to survive.

The people of Kocaeli, accustomed to misfortunes and incompetence, started to visit the region for this locomotive, ignoring even these nice facilities, which should be done by the wagons, the guesthouse and the guest houses.

However, the intervening 6 year, then this time the Metropolitan Municipality came into operation.

Due to the incompetence of the authorities, the carriages that were left to rot were hit by the tram of Büyükşehir.

While preparing the project did not make the necessary examination, or by making the review of the region's wagons worthy of the Metropolitan Municipality officials found the tram line in the region of the wagons.

In the coming days the wagons will be removed from the area.

Construction work will begin ...

The old wagons, which are a good value for the city and which are a good note in the positive part of Kocaeli, will be included in history.

We have watched many historical massacres in Izmit which is the only capital in the east of Rome.

From the past to the present day, our authorities have always perceived the structures that modern societies perceive as dı historical works en.

From the beginning to the end, there were many historical buildings in the city to be pebbles.

In this city everyone knows that for the city powers, the history has no importance for the authorities.

Many pity from the past to the present we have listened to the event.

Today, we are witnessing one of these events.

There will be a great plunder in the area of ​​the old railway station, which has an important place in the hearts of the city's people.

In the region, which has been left idle until today, scoops, graders and bulldozers will soon be working.

There's no one to say, "Stop."

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