Is it Forbidden to Sit Dogs in Public Transport Vehicles

Forbidden Dogs in Public Transport Vehicles: In Istanbul, the city buses can be ride with a lap dog, cats and birds are also carried in a cage, even if they are in a cage, they cannot be snaked with a snake. Well, do you take a little terrier, pug or poodle to ride the bus? No

Yesterday there was the news that "Let animals have a place in buses" in HT Magazine. Actually, this right exists and there is no practitioner. Moreover, it is free in the subway. There are certain conditions and prohibitions. Those bans exist all over the world. For example, in London, it is forbidden to take the metro with cattle. Also placing the dogs on the seats. But with the experience that even the donkeys as much as donkeys sit on the train seats…

IETT writes in the Declaration on the Rights of the Passenger: Hak No animals are taken from the stations and vehicles except the following. These are: Ornamental dogs, provided that they have a neck collar and are carried on the lap. Small cage animals (except for predatory, poisonous animals that can harm passengers when released) (

It's quite clear, but let me explain it; In Istanbul, you can ride the public bus with your lap dog, and the cat and the bird are also carried in the cage, and you cannot ride the snake even if it is in the cage. Well, do you take a little terrier, pug or poodle to ride the bus? No.

That is why HayKonfed, the Confederation of Animal Rights, wants to inform IETT drivers about the passenger rights in the campaign on Because they do not take pets even if they are in line with the rules. It's not over! The campaign is about buses, but it is also possible to board the Istanbul Metro. Guide dogs who accompany the visually impaired are also allowed, especially the massive animals. The rest is the same as the IETT rules.

Our bus declaration I think is civilized to universal standards. From Paris to Berlin, from Barcelona to London in all major cities, buses can be boarded on the lap dog and in a cage. But it's really getting on.


Our subway standard is a bit behind. You also need a campaign to expand the rail system criteria. Because, for example, in London, every size dog is on the leash. According to the rules, it is compulsory to cut the animal's foot off the ground even though it is large on the escalator; so that the paws would not be damaged. The guide dog is being lifted by the elevator, and the elevator is carrying the officer. They also have to sit on the ground in a way that will not interfere with the passage on the train, but they sit on the sofa. Even the passengers on the feet do not object. In fact, it is said that free-dog dogs have usurped the right of the ticketed passenger, but if there is respect and love for the existence of the animal, no one makes a sound. In fact, a photo of the daniel who was sitting on the sofa fell into the social media, oturan We would like to see the owner applying the escalator rule, oturan folks mocked. Well, the animal weighs an average of 50 pounds.

There are also those who cut the dogs. I think they're being replaced by more men. In Copenhagen, they ride the subway with children's tickets, sitting on the ground. German railways are also counting passengers with tickets. Free in Helsinki. Dogs everywhere in Paris; On the bus, on the train, on the tram. In fact, there is no official permission for large dogs, but they are riding. In the express train (RER) lines that connect the city to the suburbs, it is possible to travel legally with half a ticket. More than 2 dogs on British railways.

In Moscow, the situation is quite dull.

Stray dogs on their own are riding on the subway, being installed on the seats. No messing around. Like the stray dogs of Istanbul waiting for the green light to cross the pedestrian crossing. Change the continent. In Australia, there is a condition of mouthpiece to big dogs on buses and subways. Seats are forbidden. Because there are crowded hours in Melbourne, dogs are not allowed from 07.00-09.00 to 16.00-18.00.

In America, the rules are changing from state to state. Small dogs are free on buses and trains in most of them. In San Francisco and Boston, all the way to the big dogs is free. Seattle, "On the train, the only big dog on the bus," he says.

Of course, all of the examples I have stated that the dog does not behave badly, there is a condition that the environment should not disturb. But the animals accepted in human beings are not accustomed to the social environment because they are already in error.

Perhaps we need to ensure that dogs are accepted in human beings before the bus and subway. From Dogo argentino to staffordshire terrier, of course, there are dangerous types of dogs, but we must understand that the main danger is that they are the owners of the tehlik non-human üş who turn them into fighting dogs. It is also necessary to know that bulldogs are not pit bulls. I say because our angelic-tempered Jorjet, who is a French bulldog, pitbull many who think. Especially when the news of the horrors of pitbull is spreading in the media.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 17:23

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