High Speed ​​Train Will Divide Tarsus In Two

High Speed ​​Train Will Divide Tarsus In Two: While talking about private public buses, shuttle minibuses, a complaint came from the service staff room. That's right… The fish stinks from the beginning. I received a message signed by Chairman Ünsal Perçin. Look at the message: “Dear colleagues, the need for service increased in the 2016-2017 academic year due to the large number of newly opened private schools. Do not consider your own interests and sign a contract for additional service with anybody or company, do not put a mortgage on your future, wait for the new season to open to work with higher prices. " This means: 'We are aiming to charge more service fees from parents of students next year. So don't contract anyone. ' This is a notice. Authorities consider this article. If they don't, it means the parents of the students are burned next year.

The people of Tarsus are both happy and worried about the high-speed train. Because some level crossings must be canceled in order to avoid the danger of the high-speed train running between Adana-Tarsus-Mersin. High walls will be built on both sides of the railway to prevent danger. The top of the railway will be North Tarsus and the bottom will be South Tarsus. Pedestrians will have trouble crossing. Mustafa Erdogan says "The activation of the overpasses before the high speed train starts will relieve the people of Tarsus."

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