The Scandals in High Speed ​​Train Projects

Scandals in High Speed ​​Train Projects The Court of Accounts (TCA) report: The scandals in the billions of high-speed train projects that the government advertised and voted for in the election squares appeared with the Court of Accounts report.

According to the findings of the Court of Accounts review of the projects, the state has been damaged in most of the 43 billion TL railway auctions, which constitute the 49,7 of all SEE investments. According to the report, as the procurement law stipulated in the procurement law, the tenders were re-offered for the same line. This led to increases in the costs of close to 200. 2-4 times longer than expected in high-speed train projects.

While the remaining parts of the projects that were not completed within the period should be re-auctioned, the increases in the business and the time extensions increased by using the authority of the Council of Ministers and the duration of the investments increased. Some projects were tendered without adequate land and ground surveys. Investment allowances were used outside the purpose. The auditors of the building inspection companies were not adequately inspected. In the Court of Accounts report, a large number of unlawful practices were counted and tens of warnings were placed in TCDD. In order to ensure the participation of more companies in the tenders, it was requested that the administrative and technical specifications be prepared clearly. 2023 10 thousand kilometers new high-speed railway line construction is planned to be reminded that the Court of Accounts report, hat more efficient and efficient use of resources to take measures and fast train investment projects 10. The ”timely completion. In line with the objectives of the Development Plan took place.


The Court of Accounts's 367-page audit report on TCDD included examples of unlawful auctions. According to the findings of the TCA, the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line in the Yerköy-Sivas section instead of the final project, without adequate research and ground drilling surveys were carried out with the preliminary project tender.

In 2008, with an offer of 840 million liras, the tender kazanAfter signing the contract, the company made changes that would seriously affect the project in terms of technique and cost. With these changes made with the approval of TCDD, the route was changed in 251 kilometers of the 189 kilometer line. Tunnel lengths were increased from 10,6 km to 41,9 km. It was decided to build a 183-meter railway bridge on the parts that are filled with filling. Cut-and-cover tunnels were built in the cut sections due to the fault zone. Although the company spent 840 million liras in the tender, its contract was terminated when it only finished half of the line. The remaining 108 kilometers of the line were tendered again. With 3 completion tenders held in a row, the cost of the line increased by 1 billion 15 million liras, from 840 million liras to 1 billion 855 million liras. The completion time of the work was extended from 2011 to 2018.

According to the report, the increase in the cost of the Yerköy-Sivas line is more than two times and 7 is planned to be completed late in the year. No adequate feasibility was made for the soil survey of the land before the tender. TCDD in the process of liquidation of the company, the company wants to stop construction, although the company did not stop the tunnel manufacturing. Nevertheless, the TCDD did not run the relevant administrative and legal procedures. Deficiencies and inadequacies of the consultancy work of the project emerged. In the report, the investigation was initiated and the investigation was initiated as soon as possible.


Another striking example in the TCA report is the construction of the Bursa-Yenişehir railway infrastructure, which has been awarded 2011 million pounds in 393,2.

Before the tender for the project, necessary ground studies were not carried out. In addition to the valuable farmland, orchards and greenhouses, the errors in the project that will affect the annual water supply plans of the State Water Works (DSI) Bursa's 20 were noticed and the company received the tender. For this reason, the route was changed in the 75 kilometer section of the 50 kilometer line.

After the change of the route, the company that received the tender, increased the number of tunnel work items, which gave higher unit prices compared to the costs. The unit price has quickly completed high business items. As such, he spent only a percent of his work in 96, the 13 of the auction price. The entire tender price was spent before the 75 kilometer of the 10 kilometer line was finished. In order to complete the remaining part of the line, the current work was liquidated and the bidding process started again.

In the report of the Court of Accounts, an investigation and investigation initiated by TCDD Inspection Board was initiated with the warning of TCA because of the increase in project costs and delay of work due to the errors in the tender in Bursa-Yenişehir line. However, the TCDD was once again warned by the Court of Accounts since this investigation and investigation were not completed.
Sayıştay reminded that the project was prepared by the relevant department of the Ministry of Transportation and asked the Ministry to examine and investigate all transactions in the process of preparation and implementation of the project.

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